Genius Sports Wins Data Agreement for Betting with The Spring League

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Genius Sports Wins Spring Data Betting Agreement
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The Spring League (TSL), a football development competition, announced an agreement with the Genius Sports Group to supply the sports betting market with live action.

As such, betting operators both in the United States and abroad will be able to rely on the league’s content in a much more agile, reliable and accurate manner based on official data.

In addition, these markets will be important to the league’s plan to leverage fan involvement and expand the sport’s reach in other countries.

Created in 2017, The Spring League will start its fourth season next Tuesday, October 27th. The opening match will feature live viewing for the first time on television.

Recalling that the TSL works as a kind of tournament of revelation of players, being that almost one hundred athletes have already made the transition to the NFL, the main competition of the modality in the United States.

Brian Woods, the CEO of the Spring League, stated: “We believe that the partnership with Genius Sports will be a catalyst for fan involvement. We have an exciting product on the field that will rival any professional football league, with the exception of the NFL ”.

Sean Conroy, Genius Sports’ commercial director, said: “With its new season scheduled to air on Fox Sports, this is an exciting time to partner with The Spring League and we are looking forward to boosting the live betting markets in all games through faster and more accurate data ”.

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Genius Sports is more than a technology provider. The company strives to build long-term relationships with sports leagues and government agencies, helping them to control their data so they can generate revenue and engage fans.

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