Broadcasters Bet on Sweepstakes on Open TV to Boost Revenue

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 Broadcasters Bet on TV Sweepstakes to Boost Revenue
Photo: RedeTV

Authorized by the Federal Government in early 2020, TV draws became an alternative to strengthen Brazilian broadcasters, which were already suffering from financial problems even before the new coronavirus pandemic.

With the measures of isolation and marked reduction in sales, companies in the sector already consider these awards as a kind of salvation for the year. RedeTV, in turn, was the first channel to invest heavily in the modality and begins to stand out

According to the TV and Famous column, the tendency is for the station’s example to be followed soon. After all, Band is already in the process of finalizing its application, while Record intends to launch its platform still in 2020.

SBT does not yet have its own option, but it is evaluating all possibilities. Therefore, the only channel that we still do not know anything about a project involving TV draws is Globo.

It is worth mentioning that viewers interested in competing for prizes for TV draws will need to pay some kind of financial compensation.

Redetvplus requests that the viewer pay 5 reais a week to participate in the varied prizes. In addition, the user must follow the programming in order to take a picture of the codes that appear on the small screen.

Competition for TV draws

However, there are some issues that sweepstakes on open TV need to overcome in order to make broadcasters even more profitable. This is because these promotions not only happen on television, but also on social media. Instagram usually concentrates most of these actions.

There is also the possibility of regional bingos that end up competing for public attention with the draws of the broadcasters. Another point refers to the traditional federal lotteries, which are part of the daily life of Brazilians.

Even so, TV draws continue as a way of easing the crisis that has significantly affected broadcasters open for some time.