Scientific Games closes 10-year deal with Ecuador's National Lottery

Scientific Games has confirmed a 10-year partnership with the National Lottery of Ecuador, in an agreement that will see electronic drawing games launch for the first time in the country.

The signed agreement will allow instant games, lottery systems, retail technology and a draw-based lottery game system to be promoted in Ecuador, as well as business intelligence software and an instant game management system that drives performance.

Scientific Games Americas President and Global Instant Products, John Schulz, said, “We are honored to expand our 20-year relationship with Ecuador’s National Lottery with our instant gaming services and launching electronic sweepstakes games for the first time in Ecuador”.

“Based on our global experience with national lotteries, our goal is to support the expansion of the Loteria retail network with our patented technologies to generate more profits for the social work of the Junta de Beneficência de Guayaquil,” added Schulz.

The Board of Beneficence of Guayaquil is a non-profit organization that works to promote health, education and social protection rights. The revenue generated from these new instant games and sweepstakes will be used to support this organization as it seeks to increase the impact of its work.

Ecuador National Lottery GM Jorge Medina stated, “We are delighted to extend our excellent relationship with Scientific Games through an instant play agreement that includes new technology.”

“And, it allows us to launch a new model of instant, draw-based lottery games for the enjoyment of our players and ultimately generate more funds to support our causes in Ecuador,” Medina continued.

Scientific Games’ new betting business president

In June 2022, Steve Beason was named the new President of Digital and Sports Betting at Scientific Games.