AIDIGLOT formalizes agenda for the regulation of intermediary online lottery sites

The AIDIGLOT event was opened by Gustavo Guimarães, former Secretary of Lotteries at the Ministry of Economy, current Advisor to the Senate and one of those responsible for the modeling of sports betting in Brazil.

Soon after, Mirko Mayeroff, president of AIDIGLOT, highlighted the association’s agendas. Among the most relevant points were the changes in relation to the executive body at Caixa Econômica Federal.

The series of protocols left by the association around the request for a hearing at the headquarters in Brasília was highlighted at the meeting, as well as the lack of response from Caixa. New contacts will be made to emphasize the importance of opening a transparent dialogue with the institution.

“Our second meeting amply demonstrated the strength of the sector. There were more than 20 companies actively participating in search of a common objective, which is an open and coherent dialogue in favor of the regulation of the segment. The benefits of this action are mutual and positively impact the whole of society, with the generation of jobs, greater collection of lotteries and, as a consequence, higher transfer to public bodies, promoting sport, culture and safety”, says Mayeroff.

An important action led by the association is a study commissioned to FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), which analyzes the positive impact that the diversification of lottery sales channels can generate in the Brazilian economy.

The data promise to measure how the regulated performance of the niche of intermediary online lottery sites can generate for the whole of society, benefiting not only gamblers in relation to the convenience of making predictions in lotteries over the internet, but also the consequences that a greater collection is capable of. to promote across the country.


The Association of Digital Intermediators of Lottery Products was created to unify the voice of companies in this segment in the search for improvements in the sector and in the defense of consumer interests. Among the associated companies are Inovalotto, Lotérica Nova and Sorte Online, a founding member of the association.

AIDIGLOT works to boost the sector, seeing in technology and digital presence the ways to make the impact of these companies increasingly positive. The idea is to offer a diversity of channels and innovative tools to amplify the collection of Brazilian lotteries.

To achieve these goals, the association intends to dialogue with Caixa Econômica Federal and jointly seek solutions for the segment.

Among the actions already implemented by AIDIGLOT is the process called Registration Game Safety Check. This is an audit that aims to ensure that all bets marketed on the sites have been officially registered in Caixa’s system, thus mitigating risks of fraud for the bettor.

The creation of the association represents an important milestone in the search for a more innovative lottery segment, which will bring positive impacts to the professionals involved in the area and the expansion of jobs and, mainly, for the consumer.