Pixbet is master sponsor of two programs focused on the sports betting market with presentation by tipster Fernando Verchai

PIXBET, a leading company in the sports betting and online gaming segments, is increasingly promoting actions on the national scene, both to increase the visibility of its brand and to collaborate with the strengthening of the Brazilian industry.

Duly recognized as the bookmaker that most sponsors football clubs in the country, PIXBET is also supporting two programs focused on sports betting featuring tipster Fernando Verchai. In different media, the two attractions intend to promote the activity in a responsible, fun and educational way.

The program Pega a Visão is broadcast on the Band in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday mornings. Those who can’t keep up with the TV show can check out the full attraction on Band Rio’s YouTube channel. The premiere took place on July 10 and was attended by guests and lasted 15 minutes.

“Initially, we wanted a program talking only about betting. But, we ended up doing Pega a Visão as an introduction to the games, presenting information about teams, absences, lineups and each participant giving their guess about the result of the game. And, I invite you to follow the Masterbet on Youtube, where we really bet”, detailed tipster and presenter Fernando Verchai.

With plans to air ‘Pega a Visão’ on national television in the future, Verchai stressed that the content of the two attractions complement each other, so much so that they share the same main sponsor. “PIXBET appears in the middle of the Pega a Visão program because it is the master sponsor and we present the message to the public normally. In Masterbet, we even open the PIXBET screen on the big screen and it’s very clear. The person clicks on the market, can see the ODDS and bets”, he highlighted.

In the words of the tipster, Pega Visão introduces the sports theme and/or event and Masterbet presents the bet itself. Considered the first sports betting reality in Brazil, the Masterbet is recorded at Band’s studios, but shown on its own YouTube channel.

“The Masterbet format is two participants per week. In the first week, one participant wins, in the second week, another participant wins, and in the third, someone else wins. In the fourth and final week, these three winning participants return to see who the grand champion is,” he explained.

In addition, Fernando Verchai made a point of highlighting the importance of relying on the trust of the leader in the sports betting sector in Brazil, PIXBET, in these two projects. “PIXBET is very important, I am very grateful. PIXBET has been sponsoring great clubs like Flamengo, Santos, Vasco, among others and even has Galvão Bueno as a poster boy”.

“So I’m very happy with all this, an excellent house, really big and something that I can bring to the quality viewer. I am talking about a qualified and correct house and I am very happy with the support and for having believed in me and in the programs”, he added.

Fernando Verchai’s career

Fernando Verchei discovered the sports betting market 15 years ago when he started researching the subject and frequenting Portuguese forums. He was quickly hired as a sports writer to write about national championships.

“Over the years, I became more influential and created my own project that today has thousands of students who follow my investments. I am very happy for all of this, but being on television is a very special achievement, since after two years in Band and with participation in other programs, I currently present the first Reality Show of betting on Brazilian television, Masterbet”, he pointed out.

For Verchai, being on TV allows showing a different reality to the public and presenting sports betting responsibly. “I am happy to know that I am taking the name of betting further and further, showing many people a reality they do not know. TV has a lot of power and reach, so I will continue to do my job and leave sports betting where it deserves to be.”


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