After losing a lottery prize for an alleged error in the system, a resident of the Federal District tries to receive in court an indemnity of R$ 18 million from Caixa Econômica Federal. The draw that the player refers to was the contest 1,737 of Lotomania, held 4 years ago, in 2017.

The bettor’s lawyer demands an amount equal to the value of the prize at the time. The lotterie shop where the error occurred is located in Taguatinga. The site and the bank, responsible for the tender, respond to the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region. The case must now be submitted to a second instance.

The gambler says that after playing his usual game, he has not had all his numbers recorded by the system.

Street vendor Marcos Pessoa, who claims to be the supposed winner of the award, obtained the right to free of charge in court, considering his financial difficulties.

Marcos’ lawyer requested an “anticipation of guardianship” of a video from the security camera at the site on February 15, the day on which the bet was made. However, the demand was denied because the action was not considered urgent.

Lotomania’s alleged system error

On the day the case occurred, the man went to the lottery and played 23 games, choosing the same 39 dozen in all of them. As Lotomania requires the player to mark 50 numbers, Marcos opted for the random filling of the system on the remaining 11 numbers.

With the result released, the street vendor noticed that he would have won the maximum prize of R$ 18 million, for having the 20 tens drawn on two tables; Marcos also reports that he had another five games that showed 19 hits, which would guarantee a prize of R$16,000, and also 16 games with 18 hits, worth R$1 thousand each.