Project intends to use lottery taxes to buy high-cost medicines
Photo: Pablo Valadares/Câmara dos Deputados

A proposal that is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies establishes the allocation of at least 10% of the amount obtained by the National Health Fund (FNS) from the collection of lotteries for the purchase of high-cost medication for the treatment of children with rare diseases .

This is the text of Bill 2051/21 authored by deputy Julio Cesar Ribeiro (Republicanos-DF), according to the Agência Câmara de Notícias. The bill modifies Law 13.756/18, which refers to the collection of official lotteries.

FNS received nearly 4.7 million reais from lotteries in 2020

“The Caixa Econômica Federal lotteries allocate almost 40% of their resources to finance public policies in education, health, sports, culture and public security. In 2020, the collection with the lotteries broke a record, and the National Health Fund received almost R$ 4.7 million”, declared Julio Cesar Ribeiro.

The deputy added: “the purchase of high-cost medicines is fully justifiable given the needs of those who suffer from rare diseases, especially low-income Brazilians.”

At this moment, the proposal is being processed in a conclusive character, that is, when the project is voted only by the selected commissions to analyze it, without the need for deliberation by the Plenary.

The text is no longer conclusive if there is a divergent decision between the committees or if, regardless of whether it is approved or rejected, there is an appeal with the signature of 52 deputies for consideration of the matter in the Plenary of the Chamber.

Therefore, the deputy’s proposal will now be evaluated in the Social Security and Family committees; of Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

About the National Health Fund

The national fund was created in 1969 to manage the resources destined to defray the expenses of the Ministry of Health, in addition to the direct and indirect administration organizations, members of the Unified Health System (SUS).

The objective of the FNS is to help strengthen citizenship, through continuous improvement in the financing of health actions. In addition, the fund seeks to develop mechanisms to make information available to society regarding SUS investments and financing.