Guarulhos City Council approves municipal lottery creation project
Photo: CMG

On Wednesday, 26, the Guarulhos City Council approved several projects authored by the Municipal Administration, such as the launch of a city lottery and the Incentivized Installment Program (PPI).

Project 1532/2021, which establishes the public service of the municipal lottery, was approved with 21 votes in favor, eight against and three abstentions. In addition, two amendments were approved to pass on a portion of the funds raised to the city’s public security sector and a veterinary hospital.

Project 1531/2021, which instituted the PPI, defining the measures for granting a reduction in interest and fines related to tax and non-tax debts with the City Hall, obtained 33 favorable votes.

When enacted, the Law determines that the PPI will be used for debts overdue by the end of last year, monetarily restated. The period for joining and percentages for decreasing interest and fines occurs between October 29 and December 20, 2021.

According to a GruDiario article, city councilor Edmilson Souza (Psol) pointed out that Mayor Mayor Guti (PSD) submitted the project justifying it as a way to support the city’s economic recovery. “The focus of these projects is on collecting, not resuming and heating the economy,” he declared. Maurício Toyinho (PT) supported Souza’s position.

During the session, the parties also finalized the appointment of councilors who tend to be part of the Special Commission to evaluate the Budget Guidelines Law – LDO of 2022, which will have Geraldo Celestino in the presidency. In June, the Commission will meet to prepare an opinion so that the proposal can be taken to the Plenary, before the July recess.

STF allowed states and municipalities to explore lottery modalities

It is worth remembering that the Federal Supreme Court determined, in September last year, that the Union does not have exclusivity to operate lottery services. Unanimously, the ministers assessed that states and cities, even if they do not have the competence to legislate on the subject, can exploit lottery games.