With the help of the fans, Timemania can become the biggest sponsor of Londrina

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 With the help of the fans, Timemania can become the biggest sponsor of Londrina
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Timemania is one of the biggest sources of income of Londrina Esporte Clube throughout the season, since it is a total amount destined to the team. This amount is sent for payment of tax debts and daily issues of the team from Paraná.

With the bets on Timemania, the Tubarão fan can contribute to the achievement of the biggest sponsorship in the history of the club.

How to bet on Londrina in Timemania?

According to the Londrina website, the way to bet is very simple. The fan must go to a lottery. The price of each game is around R$ 3 and the individual can select up to ten numbers. In addition, it is necessary to appoint Londrina as the team of the heart.

The draws always take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sporadically, the dates change due to a national holiday. If Londrina is the club of the heart in the draw, the fan receives the money from the bet back as a prize.

Use of Timemania resources

Therefore, Timemania is a lottery made with the purpose of helping football clubs in Brazil to cover their pending issues with the Federal Government. Since 2016, Londrina has obtained its certificates for the revenues obtained in this lottery category.

“Londrina is already well ahead with this, since 2016 the club has already obtained all its certificates through resources from Timemania”, highlighted the president of LEC, Felipe Prochet.

According to the president, the entire amount of Timemania belongs to the team and is passed on to reduce debts and strengthen Londrina’s finances.

“This money is 100% of Londrina, it is exclusively for payment of tax and labor debts, but Londrina has already paid off a large part. In other words, of the money that comes in today, there is a part that is committed to the payment of debts and the rest goes to the club’s reserve ”said the manager.