Edital para loterias em são paulo
Imagem: Prefeito de São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes. (Foto: Wilson Dias / Agência Brasil)

The São Paulo Executive Secretariat for Privatization and Partnerships launched Public Call Notice 002/2024, aiming to select companies to study the feasibility of implementing lotteries and betting in the city.

The City Council considers Law 14,790, which regulates sports betting and online gaming in Brazil. In the proposed model, sports bets will be on real or virtual events. This includes online casinos, as provided for in federal legislation.

Lotteries are great sources of fundraising

Data from Caixa Econômica Federal reveal that lottery bets reached a historic revenue record in 2020, totaling R$17 billion. This was the best result ever recorded by the institution.

However, despite this success, lottery revenue in Brazil is still far from reaching its maximum potential. In the country, lottery modalities have been practiced for more than 200 years and, recently, they have gained more and more popularity, following a global trend.

So, this increase in interest can be attributed to the growing acceptance and spread of online betting options. However, it is important to highlight that these modalities, often unregulated, are more susceptible to organized crime and money laundering.

By not having regulation, they harm potential revenues, putting the popular economy and the integrity of Brazilian sport at risk. Therefore, to address these weaknesses, it is essential that the country and states have an adequate regulatory environment.

São Paulo plans to explore different types of games

The City Hall plans to launch different lottery modalities, exploring them directly through Public Administration entities or in partnership with the private sector.

The São Paulo City Hall‘s justification for the notice is that this could be a promising solution to efficiently print lotteries in the city.

Requests for clarification must be made by April 30th, while accreditation closes on May 3rd.

Then, after authorization from the City Hall’s Special Assessment Committee, companies will have 60 days to present the requested studies.

Requests for clarification and the accreditation form must be sent to the email: [email protected]

See the full notice HERE.