In response to John Textor‘s recent controversial statements, senator Jorge Kajuru (PSD-GO) announced that the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Manipulation of Results in Brazilian football will be implemented later this month in the Senate.

Kajuru highlighted that the owner of SAF do Botafogo will be one of the first to give testimony before the commission.

The senator anticipated his own appointment as president of the CPI, while senator Romário, leader of the Senate Sports Committee, will be the rapporteur.

“We are already prepared with the first summons from managers, players and referees involved, as well as corruptors. The initial approach will be friendly, a summons by invitation. If they do not accept, they will be officially summoned.

We will also give them an opportunity to explain themselves. Otherwise, we will contact the Federal Police. There will be coercive conduct if necessary”, said Kajuru in an interview with Senado radio.

John Textor’s Summons

The senator stated that Textor will be among the first to receive a summons.

John Textor claimed to possess a recording of a referee requesting a bribe that was promised to him. However, he refuses to present the audio.

The Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) summoned him and he will face a minimum suspension of 120 days.

During this period, he will be prevented from staying in Brazil, signing contracts on behalf of Botafogo or attending stadiums, unless he presents what he claims to have.

John Textor – owner of SAF do Botafogo

“He mentioned that he intends to hand it over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. When will that be? It’s been two weeks. He will also be summoned to provide clarifications and, hopefully, he has given us a hint that he is considering presenting this audio to the Commission before handing it over. to the MP. That would be of great value”, highlighted Kajuru.

Report of matches suspected of match manipulation

According to preliminary reports from the Senate, 109 football matches played in 2023 in the four national divisions are under suspicion of manipulation to favor possible criminals.

In recent days, Textor has made controversial statements about alleged match-fixing in Brazilian football, both in a live broadcast on YouTube and in a statement published on his website.

The owner of SAF do Botafogo stated that they manipulated two Palmeiras games: the victories over São Paulo (5-0) and Fortaleza (4-0), in the last two editions of the Brasileirão.

Textor claimed to have sent documents and reports for analysis by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and the STJD, but did not present any proof.

The American alleged that the manipulation of results benefited Palmeiras in the last two years, when the club won its second Brazilian championship.

In recently released statements, both São Paulo and Fortaleza repudiated the accusations and stated that they are considering legal measures against the black and white leader.

While Palmeiras requested punishment from the owner of Botafogo in the sports court.