Rodrigo Pacheco promete votar regulamentação das bets ainda neste ano
Foto: Pedro Gontijo/Senado Federal

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), declared this Thursday, 7th, that the economic proposals defended by Minister Fernando Haddad, of Finance, will be voted on in 2023. He cited the betting regulation project.

The proposal establishes specific rules for the fixed-odd sports betting sector, as well as defines fees for companies interested in operating in Brazil.

“This government agenda is an agenda that is moving forward, with yes and no. Perhaps, not everything can be approved, there is a payroll tax exemption that will be submitted to the National Congress session”, said Pacheco at a press conference.

“As much alignment as we can establish with the Ministry of Finance and the federal government within Brazil’s good purpose, we will do so. And everything is well underway until the end of the year”, he added.

Concentrated effort before parliamentary recess

Rodrigo Pacheco’s statement comes after a meeting with the minister. According to Haddad, they focused on economic issues being discussed in Congress.

The meeting also included the participation of the subsidy MP rapporteur, deputy Luiz Fernando Farias (PSD-MG).

“President Pacheco told me in clear words: ‘even if I have to call extraordinary sessions, we will not fail to evaluate the proposals that the government sent, a long time ago, to the National Congress’”, said Haddad.

According to the website Congresso em Foco, the president of the Senate declared that it will be a very intense two weeks. This is because parliamentarians go on legislative recess from December 22nd, only returning on February 2nd.

The president of the Senate highlighted the need for effort in the coming days, and could even “advance into the night” in the sessions, if necessary.

“We have bills to be considered, we have LDO, the Budget Law, we have almost 30 authorities to be discussed and considered in the plenary session of the Federal Senate,” said Pacheco.

According to Haddad, the regulation of bets and other proposals under debate are relevant. “Everything is a priority, everything is necessary to close next year’s Budget,” he stated.

Postponement of the vote on betting regulation in the Senate Plenary

However, the vote on the betting regulation project in the Senate Plenary was postponed until next week. The expectation is that it will be analyzed by senators on Tuesday, 12th.

The rapporteur, Senator Angelo Coronel, proposed changes to the project approved in the Chamber of Deputies. Therefore, the text will need to be returned for analysis by deputies in case of approval in the House Plenary.