Foto: Rafa Neddermeyer/Agência Brasil

The Brazilian Ministry of Finance, in a strategic move dated October 27, promulgated Ordinance No. 1,330.

This ordinance is a regulatory framework, establishing strict guidelines for companies that aspire to operate in the fixed-odd betting niche in the country.

The core of this initiative is twofold: ensuring consumer protection and strengthening the security of bettors’ personal data.

Although many of the guidelines were already outlined in a previous provisional measure, the new ordinance reinforces the government’s commitment to formalizing the legislation through a bill.

Interested companies must now express their interest in advance, submitting themselves to a process that prioritizes the analysis of requests for operations in the Brazilian market.

Impact on operations and consumer protection

The creation of a national call center for user support is one of the innovations, promising not only to improve the consumer experience, but also to generate significant jobs.

However, restrictions have been imposed to ensure the integrity of the sport and betting, with specific prohibitions for certain professional groups.

Player data privacy is a priority, requiring full transparency and consent for the use of personal information.

Furthermore, the ordinance aims to combat illegal practices, such as money laundering, by requiring that suspicious transactions be reported to Coaf.

Promoting responsible gaming

The ordinance reiterates the ban on betting by minors under 18 and requires companies to implement preventive measures against gaming addiction.

This includes tools for users to set time and loss limits, and a ban on the use of cash and credit cards for betting.

The new rules also address advertising, imposing strict restrictions to ensure ethical and responsible messaging. The message “Play Responsibly” must be a constant in all advertising campaigns.

Immediate implementation of the Ministry of Finance

The immediate implementation of the ordinance highlights the urgency of the Ministry of Finance to regulate the betting sector, aiming for a safe and transparent environment for everyone involved.

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