Secretaria das Apostas está sendo considerada em reforma ministerial
Secretaria das Apostas está sendo considerada em reforma ministerial.

With the PM for sports betting paving the way for new opportunities in Brazil, the Betting Secretariat was created.

More precisely, the name is “National Secretariat for Prizes and Bets”, designed to take care of the issue of collecting digital commerce and online betting.

The Secretariat will have agents from the Federal Police and the Council for the Control of Financial Activities (Coaf) to monitor the sports betting system in the country, also called “Bets”.

Now, with the discussion of ministerial reform, members of Congress are considering including the Secretariat for Betting in this debate, as reported by CNN.

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The new design of the Esplanada dos Ministérios suggested to accommodate the Centrão opened a gap for the National Secretariat for Prizes and Bets, to be created by the government, to enter into the discussion of the ministerial reform, evaluate members of Congress.

As CNN showed, the government is working with the possibility of merging the portfolios of Small and Medium Enterprises — yet to be created — and Sports to hand over the new ministry to the PP, the party of the mayor, Arthur Lira (AL).

In this scenario, the current leader of the party in the Chamber, André Fufuca (PP-MA), would command the portfolio to be called the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Entrepreneurship.

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CNN found that, given Lira’s initiative to speed up the vote on the bill that provides for the taxation of sports betting, there is room to discuss the creation of a new secretariat in the project and, consequently, take it to the ministry that is being drawn.

The government’s initial idea is to create the National Secretariat for Prizes and Bets within the scope of the Ministry of Finance.

The new structure will be responsible for analyzing documents for approving the accreditation of operators in the country, as well as for monitoring the volume of transactions and collection.

Sought by CNN this Sunday (3), deputy Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), rapporteur of the proposal in the Chamber, said, however, that, “at first”, the discussion about the secretariat will not be included in the text of the project.

The expectation of the president of the Chamber is to vote on the proposal before September 9 to avoid that the agenda of the House is locked. The project has constitutional urgency and therefore needs to be voted on within 45 days.

A quick vote on the text is in the interest of the government, more specifically the Treasury.

In the portfolio’s accounts, the regularization of the performance of betting companies in Brazil, the annual collection can vary from R$ 6 billion to R$ 12 billion – the elastic forecast is made by the sector itself, taking into account the future regulation.

The forecast for 2024 is expected to raise BRL 2 billion — although in the 2024 Annual Budget Law Project (PLOA) the government only provided BRL 700,000.

The idea is that the amount to be collected is among the R$ 168 billion expected as extra revenue to reach the zero deficit promised by Minister Fernando Haddad.