Arthur Lira obriga presença de deputados para debater MP das apostas esportivas
Arthur Lira obriga presença de deputados para debater MP das apostas esportivas. Foto:

The mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), issued an act that makes it mandatory for deputies to be present in the Chamber this Monday (04) to debate the sports betting PM.

This measure aims to guarantee an adequate quorum of parliamentarians in a week that will be affected by the September 7th holiday.

Last week, Lira declared his intention to put to a vote in the next few days the bill that establishes a limit for the interest rate on revolving card credit and the proposal that establishes regulations for online sports betting.

On Mondays and Fridays, deputies have the option to register attendance remotely.

However, the Chamber President changed the rule to determine that, exceptionally, this Monday the presence must be registered in person.

Lira’s act was published in the Diary of the Chamber of Deputies last Thursday.

According to Arthur Lira’s justification, which accompanies the measure, the purpose is “to optimize the work of the House and allow the deliberation of guidelines of high relevance for the country”.

Government will change text of sports betting MP

Recent cases of match-fixing in football have led the government to consider reviewing the oversight mechanisms in the sports betting PM.

Two elements were added to the final version of the provisional measure (MP) in response to cheating by players.

A report was prepared by the Brazilian Association for the Defense of the Integrity of Sport (Abradie) in collaboration with Genius Sports, a sports technology and data company.

This report addresses the connection between betting regulation and match fixing.

In the final version of the sports betting PM, the study was mentioned as a justification for granting the Ministry of Finance the power to veto betting on ongoing events, instead of banning them entirely.

The focus of the PM is to stimulate the market in a safe, efficient and fair way.