Exclusive: Ernesto Man talks about the approval of gambling and casinos in Brazil

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Exclusive: Ernesto Man talks about the approval of gambling and casinos in Brazil

Everyone knows the current situation in Brazil, where, in the year of the World Cup, everyone is anxiously waiting for the release of sports betting and the regulation of physical gambling in Brazil, bingos and lotteries.

Many ideas are being debated among businessmen, politicians, lawyers and bookmakers who are hoping that Brazil will finally put the house in order and start playing openly.

Ernesto Man, an Argentinean consultant and entrepreneur who works in the field of physical and virtual games, settled in Brazil and has been working in this field for over 30 years, being deeply interested and knowledgeable about the subject. He understands and likes to participate in the current debate on legislation in Brazil, on politics, on the functioning of bingos and brings here his ideas for the sports betting market.

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iGaming Brazil – Ernesto, you say that the latest events in Brazil have provoked numerous requests for clarification and advice from various players around the world in search of consultancy for this country. How do you analyze the current situation in Brazil, in relation to the obstacle to the legalization of gambling?

Ernesto Man – In the current situation in Brazil, I see that we are in a process of maturation, which allowed the approval in the Chamber of Deputies, of LEI Nº 442/91, after several years waiting for the vote, it was finally put on the agenda; including significant changes and surprisingly getting the character of urgency. Following the parliamentary process, we are waiting for the Senate to analyze this law and then, if there are no changes, proceed to the sanction/veto by the President of the Republic. However, if this law undergoes any change in its content, it will return to the Chamber of Deputies for a new vote to then proceed to the President to sanction/veto.

iGaming Brazil – With your 30 years of expertise in the market, you say that Brazil “exploded” even without regulation. So what happens after gambling is legalized here?

Ernesto Man – Because Brazil is considered the last business frontier for the gambling sector, there will be a real race for companies to establish their operations in this territory, representing a huge boost in the country’s economy, in every way, from creation of countless jobs, qualification of these workers, increase in per capita income, incomparable improvement in the provision of services, even the generation of tax revenue at all levels of Government in the Federation. it will be an authentic revolution in this segment of economic activity in Latin America.

iGaming Brazil – What businesses do you currently have in Brazil and what are your short-term projects?

Ernesto Man – My activity at the moment includes answering numerous queries for players from outside the country and Brazilians interested in setting up their operations here. My activities include consulting in the areas of marketing, business management, investment analysis and necessary resources to operate in Brazilian territory. What I’ve been seeing lately are companies, some already operating and others looking to set up shop in the country, making mistakes originating from ignorance of the market. This lack of domestic familiarity has created numerous problems, being in some cases very serious that can even compromise their activities permanently. our market is completely different in many ways from the rest of the world.

There will be the opportunity with physical facilities for sports betting, in the style of other countries and we are already working to make this modality a success, guiding players in their planning in the different states of the country. Brazilians really like the face-to-face game, where they can be with friends having fun, while participating live in sporting events.

iGaming Brazil – Do you think the 442/91 is the best PL to be approved at the moment?

Ernesto Man – About PL 442/91, I would say that it was the perfect choice and the best prepared for our country. It covers all known game modalities, both face-to-face and virtual, and represents a huge advance in relation to all the proposals made to date. It is a fact that in the regulation of this PL there will be several adaptations and adjustments, but nothing that harms the general context. This may postpone the start of the activities of the authorized companies, extending the respective strategic plans.

We hope it doesn’t happen like in sports betting, which has been 3 and a half years and is still awaiting publication.

iGaming Brazil – What do you think about the evolution of regulation in the country?

Ernesto Man – We are awaiting the regulation of sports betting, which has recently undergone several significant changes. I believe that more changes may still come. There was a mobilization of the market resulting in meetings with the Ministry of Economy, responsible for the task of inspecting and issuing operating permits.

Players currently active in the Brazilian market and those interested in participating who do not yet operate in the country have been concerned about the authorization period set at five years, compared to other markets that reach up to twenty years, in most cases. Regarding the value of the grants, this was not surprising, since the importance of the Brazilian market, a continental country, has shown its true potential in this segment of sports betting.

iGaming Brazil – How could the Government act in relation to the Evangelical bench?

Ernesto Man – Os parlamentares que formam a chamada “bancada evangélica” são dignos representantes de uma parcela significativa de nossa população e, de posse desta prerrogativa, estabelecem discussões com outras bancadas representantes de outros segmentos de nossa sociedade. As discussões decorrentes das análises dos diversos projetos propostos no Congresso nacional é resultado da plena manifestação democrática de todo um país. Acredito que, em sua grande maioria, estas discussões resultam em benefícios para toda a sociedade.