SiGMA Europe 2023

The SiGMA Europe 2023 edition officially starts this Tuesday, November 14th. The expectation is that this event will break records and receive approximately 25 thousand people until next Friday, the 17th.

Furthermore, the conference has more than 800 exhibitors, 250 speakers and a structure three times the size of last year’s edition.

According to the organization, the expansion to other continents resulted in a record demand for the 2023 edition. Therefore, the tendency is for SiGMA Europe 2023 to be the biggest of all time!

Therefore, the iGaming Brazil portal team is monitoring everything on site, promoting coverage on the website and social media.

SiGMA Europe 2023 schedule this Tuesday, 14th:

Malta’s European Odyssey – Sailing Rough Seas with Olga Finkel, Carl Brincat, Joseph Attard, David Yatom Hat and Abby Rachel Cosgrave

Browsing the latest compliance updates with Robert Zammit, Adriana Minovic, Sasa Sugaj and Vlad Karols

How does taxation enter the equation? with Ramona Azzopardi, Amandus Jabin, Cristian Edu, Peter Wilson and Raacida Amenzou

The case for new jurisdictions to emerge. Can they be fertile ground for innovation in games? with Joseph Borg, Tanja Dimitrijevic, Maria Muzarowska, Angelo Dalli and Eran Shay

Regulators and technology – chase or be proactive? with Patrick Massa, Brandon Debatista, Herman Ciappara and Annalize Seguna

Building a winning digital igaming brand by 2023 with Renz Gonzales, Vasilii Gamov, Sergejs Ponomarjovs, Txema Hermoso and Chris Reiff

Using AI to Boost SEO Performance with Ivana Flynn, Julia Logan, Emilio Takas, and Wesley Kock

Talk: Unlocking the UK’s digital playground for advertising with digital assets with Cal Evans

Visionary CEOS Unite to Harmonize Traditional and Digital Banking for 2024 with Edgaras Grabauskas, Martina Akerlund, Vytautas Lapienis, Fabrizio Bergemachi and Tal Itzhak Ron

Revolutionizing the customer journey and exploring AI perspectives from retention and development experts with Tal Itzhak Ron, Martina Akerlung and Tomasz Brunarski

Regulatory trends and developments with Bernard Montebelo, John Micallef, Max Ganado and Damian Cassar

Talk: Google Ads Policies for Real Money Games with Iordanis Papadopoulos

Navigating ethical entrepreneurship at the frontier of AI and the digital economy with Sara Al Madani, Nameer Khan and Muneeb Mushtaq

Web3 Marketing Strategies – How to Build a Robust Community with Alexander Belov, Maryna Barysheva and Uan Cai

Digital Identity – Going Mainstream? with Jean Michel Azzopardi, Rachel O’Connel, Galyna Podoprikhina and Dieter Brockmeyer

SiGMA Europe Awards

The SiGMA Europe Awards seek to highlight some of the best solutions and breakthrough innovations serving consumers directly this year.

This year has been marked by great achievements, and all of the industry’s latest and most influential leaders, as well as innovative ventures, will be recognized at this marquee event.

SiGMA Europe 2023

These cutting-edge and intrinsically relevant initiatives will be recognized alongside a SiGMA Foundation charity auction at the Hilton Malta, and the gala event is invite-only.