Gamers8, eSports event in Saudi Arabia, announces biggest prize in the history of the sector
Gamers8, eSports event in Saudi Arabia, announces biggest prize in the history of the sector

Gamers8, an eSports event in Saudi Arabia, announced that the 2023 season will offer the biggest prize pool in the history of the global competitive esports scene.

The event will start on July 6, in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, and should last for eight weeks. This dispute time, by the way, is also considered a record. Added together, Gamers8 prizes will be US$ 45 million, equivalent to 231 million reais at the current exchange rate. The value is three times higher than last year’s edition.

The festival will feature several modalities. But, the categories of this edition have not yet been properly confirmed. In the last edition, Gamers8 featured Dota 2, Fortnite, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG Mobile disputes.

More than a world tournament for professional players, Gamers8 seeks to approach the format of a festival, holding discussion forums and lectures on game development and programming, in addition to performances, musical shows and various other attractions for the gamer public.

So far, the competition’s official website does not highlight any partnership, with the exception of the Arab eSports Federation. The entity was founded only in 2017, which demonstrates the accelerated growth of the competitive market in the Arab country.

About Gamers8

According to the official website, this is the biggest gaming and eSports event in the world and the destination for elite world champions and gaming enthusiasts. Located in Riyadh, in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Gamers8 will run for eight weeks from July to September, with new challenges and experiences unlocked every week.​

Audiences will be able to watch the best eSports teams compete for the world’s highest prizes, watch performances by global music artists, see their favorite games come to life and learn the mysteries behind video game creation.