DJ Alok will promote Free Fire competition at Rick in Rio 2022
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Electronic sports will be highlighted at Rock in Rio 2022. The GameChanger Free Fire 2022, also known as the Alok Championship, will take place on Sunday, September 4, at the GamePlay Arena that will be set up during the festival. The Free Fire competition will be held in person for the first time since its creation in 2022.

This year, the championship will have a 4 x 4 dispute format, in addition to having a showmatch where the teams led by Gabriel “Bak”, player and CEO of Fluxo and Arthur “Thurzin”, from LOUD, will measure forces.

Each team will be made up of influencers. Other established players in the competitive eSports scene, such as Nobru, Bruno PlayHard, Babi and Rajah, will also be in the arena during the championship. The competition will take place from 14:45 (Brasília time).

It should be noted that GameChanger was conceived by the Brazilian DJ in 2020, after being inserted into the Free Fire universe as a playable character. According to the GE, the initiative came up with one objective: to give more prominence to young talents in the community.

The last edition of the championship, last year, registered the participation of more than a thousand women’s teams and 250 indigenous teams. In addition, the 2021 championship resulted in the distribution of approximately 650 thousand reais in prizes.

The official broadcast of GameChanger Free Fire 2022 will take place on a YouTube channel. The DJ will take the stage at Rock in Rio the day before his tournament on September 3rd. Alok will also perform a special presentation at the end of the competition on Sunday, 4.

Increase in eSports betting

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the competitive electronic sports scene in Brazil and abroad. In recent years, this sector began to grow significantly and attract more and more fans.

However, thousands of eSports fans are not limited to following their favorite teams and competitions, but are also keen to bet on their favorite sports. Hence, bookmakers are paying attention and providing more betting markets to meet growing demand.