BACTA quer mais engajamento junto à parlamentares ingleses
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Bacta (British Amusement Catering Trade Association) has called on members to strengthen engagement with their candidates in local Parliament to ensure they “complete the work of modernizing the country’s gambling regulations”.

Thus, Jeremy Godden, managing director of the Godden Gaming Organization, emphasized his belief that political campaigning needs to be accelerated. The elections are just a few weeks away and this issue could influence the outcome.

He said: “We need to ensure that all potential candidates for parliament understand why the changes proposed in the white paper are crucial. The long-term sustainability of the UK’s family entertainment centers and adult gaming centers is very important.”

“We want these establishments to be at the top of the political agenda due to their importance in the tourist offer of our seaside resorts.”

Party reaffirmed concern about the games

Then, in providing wider context for the issues he will put to his future Labor MP, Polly Billington, Godden said: “My main message is that we are in a ‘cost of doing business crisis’ and we need to get the job of white paper done.

“I cannot emphasize how important the next few weeks are. Therefore, we must lobby candidates before they are elected to Parliament. The aim is to ensure our sector is firmly on the political agenda.”

The calls came after the recent release of major parties’ manifestos left the sector with little clarity. In other words, plans for the future of the gaming sector seem uncertain.

Thus, predicted to replace the Conservatives with a landslide victory on July 4th, Labor leader Keir Starmer launched the Labor Party Manifesto 2024 on the 13th. The focus was on generating wealth, green energy and reducing waiting times of the NHS.

In the section “Building an NHS fit for the future”, the Manifesto said: “Labour is committed to reducing gaming-related harm.

Recognizing the evolution of the gambling landscape since 2005, Labor will reform gambling regulation, strengthening protections. We will continue to work with the industry to ensure responsible gaming.”