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The highly anticipated Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas, which will take place from November 17th to 19th, is bringing a striking visual innovation. Around two kilometers of the street circuit, which winds along the famous Las Vegas “Strip”, has been given a unique stylization.

The zebras on the circuit were artistically painted with the four suits of the deckclubs, spades, hearts and diamonds.

This design choice is not only aesthetic, but also a tribute to card games, emblematic icons of the city and its casino culture.

Controversy and reactions to the stylization

Bernie Ecclestone, an iconic and influential figure in the history of Formula 1, shared his opinion on the new styling of the circuit. Ecclestone, in an interview with ‘Marca’, criticized the decision, claiming that it does not reflect the essence of Formula 1

He expressed concerns that such initiatives could overshadow the sport’s traditional identity and spirit. Ecclestone acknowledged the growth of Formula 1, but warned that too many races could affect the quality of the championship.

Impact on Las Vegas GP schedules

The Las Vegas Grand Prix joins Austin and Miami as one of three Formula 1 events in the United States for the 2023 season. Las Vegas’ geographic location in the Pacific Time Zone results in challenging race times for European audiences .

Qualifying and racing are scheduled for early morning times in Europe, a significant change from traditional times.

This presents a challenge for European fans, who are used to watching races at more convenient times.

Expectations for the Las Vegas GP

Expectations surrounding the Las Vegas GP are high. The city is known for its ability to host spectacular events and Formula 1 will be no exception.

The stylization of the circuit’s curbs is just one of the many elements that promise to make this event a unique experience for teams, drivers and fans.

With the expansion of Formula 1 in the United States, the Las Vegas Grand Prix represents an opportunity to attract new fans and celebrate the sport in a vibrant and iconic setting.