Sixth month in a row of earnings over $1 billion in Nevada gaming industry

August was Nevada’s sixth consecutive month to achieve game earnings of more than $1 billion. Casinos generated $1.17 billion in August, showing a 57% increase over the previous year; however, sports betting revenue shows a 16% decrease compared to the same month in 2020.

Of Nevada’s total revenue, the Las Vegas Strip generated $628 million, nearly double what it took in ($317 million) in the same month last year. So far, the Strip has achieved more than 99% of the total value obtained in 2019.

More Nevada Gaming Market Numbers

Downtown Las Vegas reported $64.2 million in revenue (up 80% year-on-year) and Clark County showed a 67% improvement over the same month last year to $993 million. In total, slots reached US$825 million (+57%) and table games accounted for US$341 million (+57%).

Of all the table games, players showed the most interest in blackjack (which brought in $103 million) and baccarat came next (with $93 million). However, Strip players preferred baccarat, which took a $91 million to $80 million advantage over blackjack.

Interest in sports betting was relatively low, the data shows $14.3 million in revenue, which is due to a low winning percentage of 3%. Nevada sports betting number in August was $427 million and players focused on online betting, as 69% of bets were placed on mobile apps.

Las Vegas Tourism

In terms of tourism, Las Vegas had 9% less visitors in August than in July. September had a 16% lower visitation compared to August 2019, but a 95% increase over the previous year.

Because of the lower visitor rate, hotel occupancy was nearly 73%, up from nearly 80% in July, and all major highways saw a drop in traffic of up to 13%.