COVID-19: Italy Closes Casinos and Spain and France Impose Restrictions Due to the Increase of New Cases

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COVID-19 Italy Closes Casinos and Spain and France Impose Restrictions Due to High New Cases
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The European gambling industry is going back to a halt in its activities, due to the growth of contagions of COVID-19 in the last few days, and which may anticipate a new crisis, which affects a segment that has not yet recovered in Latin America.

The Italian government has just announced the closure of game rooms, along with cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and gyms, to contain the pandemic across the country. A measure to which will be added a new limitation of hours of the hotel sector.

The decree is in effect until November 24, determining a month of restrictions to try to reduce the contagion curve of COVID-19, which again shot in what was the first European country to suffer the pandemic in the first half.

Cultural centers, casinos and amusement parks or concert halls must be closed as part of the containment measures. The objective of the Giuseppe Conte government is to prevent a health collapse from occurring, such as that which caused the first wave in March, April and May. There are currently 12,415 patients admitted to Italy.

For its part, Spain decreed a curfew throughout its territory, to prevent the expansion of COVID-19. The order goes from 11 pm to 6 pm, the same measure imposed by France, which set a new record with 52 thousand new cases.

In Spain, the president, Pedro Sánchez, decreed a new state of emergency. “The situation we live in is extreme,” said Sánchez, adding that “the cost in lives must be as low as possible, but we also have to protect our economy”.

Second wave of COVID-19 in Europe worries the gaming industry in Latin America

Europe again saw a massive increase in cases over the weekend, which hastened the taking of restrictive measures again to activities in public spaces in Spain and Italy. But, it must be borne in mind that the current European restrictions do not reach the rigid lockdowns of March and April.

Even so, the gambling sector in Latin America is watching with concern what is happening in Europe. Since the health crisis and the need for the first stoppage of all face-to-face activity happened some time after the Old Continent.