Vaidebet notifica o Corinthians e dá prazo para esclarecimentos
Foto: Hugo Rodrigues / Corinthians

The mess involving Corinthians and VaideBet gained another chapter. According to GE, the master sponsor sent an extrajudicial notification to the São Paulo club on May 27th.

The document cites an anti-corruption clause in the agreement and once again mentions the chance to interrupt the partnership. The possibility was already raised in a statement sent days earlier.

The betting company claims that “the linking of VaideBet’s name with the present scandal involving the Corinthians board and the intermediary makes the present contractual relationship excessively onerous for the sponsor, as it links the brand to a negative situation, causing discredit, potential loss and risk of low return on investment made in the sports entity”.

The issue is the complaint presented by journalist Juca Kfouri that Rede Social Media Design, the group that brokered the contract, allocated a portion of the amount obtained in commission to an “orange” company, called Neoway Soluções Integradas em Serviços Ltda.

The company would be in the name of Edna Oliveira dos Santos, resident of Peruíbe, city of São Paulo, who is unaware of the company’s existence. Furthermore, Rede Social Media Desing also received this communication from the sponsor.

President of Corinthians VaideBet
President of Corinthians, Augusto Melo. Photo: Corinthians Agency


In the notification, VaideBet points out that the circumstances indicate a possible non-compliance with the anti-corruption clause of the agreement and demands explanations from Corinthians within a period of up to ten days.

It is worth noting that the Civil Police is investigating the payment of the commission, as well as the club’s Deliberative Council.

The club published an official note about the case last month. “All negotiations, including sponsorships, took place legally with regularly constituted companies.

The club emphasizes that it is not responsible for any transfer of funds to third parties. If any evidence of wrongdoing is presented, it will be discussed with the Deliberative Council for any necessary measures.”

VaideBet Positioning

The bookmaker VaideBet recently commented on the case. Thus, the group declared that it will evaluate “the next steps”. But the possibility of terminating the contract is being considered.

In a press release, the company stated: “From the first moment, VaideBet was contacted by an intermediary agent about the possibility of signing an agreement for master sponsorship of Corinthians and was led by the aforementioned intervening party to the club’s board of directors for the start of negotiations. There was never any contact with any other company regarding negotiations for the sponsorship agreement.”

The agreement between VaideBet and Corinthians

Announced in January, the agreement between Corinthians and VaideBet extends until 2026 with a payment of R$370 million. For now, the club has pocketed R$60 million.