Paddy Power
Imagem: Paddy Power / Reprodução YouTube

Recently, football lovers were surprised by the exciting return of Ronaldo Fenômeno, one of the sport’s biggest stars, to the field. Ronaldo agreed to participate in a match as part of a promotional campaign by the sports betting company Paddy Power.

The company released a video on social media showing the former player in action for a team from the Sunday League, an amateur football league in England.

Paddy Power brings Phenomenon out of retirement

Paddy Power, known for its creative marketing efforts, sent Ronaldo to play for one of the weakest teams in the Sunday League. The idea was to generate buzz around the brand, but everything doesn’t always go as planned.

Phoenix FC, the team in which Ronaldo briefly participated, was the winner of a competition promoted by Paddy Power on social media. This guaranteed the opportunity to have a “super substitution” in one of their games.

Thus, Ronaldo had a debut for Phoenix FC marked by a certain lack of shine. At 47 years old, Ronaldo entered the field when his team was already losing 4-0.

He played under the fictitious name of Dave Walsh (as the coach did not sign him up under his own name).

The top scorer had a few moments touching the ball, but was unable to show the same skill that made him famous during his active days. Ronaldo briefly left the field to answer the phone, being substituted once again and leaving the game.

Ronaldo, considered one of the greatest football players in history, has accumulated a series of achievements in his career.

With two World Cups under his belt and titles for all the clubs he played for, the former striker was also chosen as FIFA’s Best Player in the World three times and received the Ballon d’Or twice.

Corinthians was the last club he played for, from 2009 to 2011. After Corinthians were eliminated in the Libertadores in 2011, Ronaldo announced his retirement from football.

The Phenom ended a career full of success on the pitch and is now on the other side, managing clubs in Brazil and Europe.