Adsterra Calendário esportivo para afiliados iGaming Maximizando conversões em eventos esportivos de 2024

The constant quest to increase clicks and conversions is a priority for traffic management professionals. When it comes to creating advertising campaigns, especially in sectors such as iGaming, VPN, Utilities, E-commerce or Subscriptions, one effective and proven method continues to stand out: advertising at major sporting events.

No, we are not suggesting that you simply buy advertising signs in football stadiums. It’s about investing in relevant online audiences that are most likely to convert into customers.

So, if you are part of a media buying team, a traffic manager or an affiliate looking to expand your marketing efforts, this article is for you. We will provide a sports calendar tailored for the iGaming market, along with expert tips for acquiring traffic.

Online advertising at sporting events: Why is it a valuable strategy?

You might think that your iGaming app or platform won’t benefit from a boxing match or cycling race, but sports fan behavior isn’t always obvious.

Here are five reasons why gaming operators, software providers, entertainment content and e-commerce offerings see an increase in conversions around major tournaments:

  • You know almost exactly when traffic will increase;
  • Millions of highly engaged users;
  • Relevant traffic: online users are active consumers and players;
  • Streaming sites and other sports-related platforms invest in generating more audiences (organic, PPC, social)
  • Access to quality clicks and conversions outside conventional channels.

Ad formats to drive traffic to sporting events


Ideal for testing traffic or reaching large audiences globally. Adsterra‘s Popunder ads generate over 11.9 billion average ad views monthly from Popunders across desktop and mobile devices.

popunders in affiliate marketing - Adsterra - 2024 sports calendar

Social Bar:

Social Bar is Adsterra’s exclusive ad format, which includes In-Page Push and Interstitials. When you decide to advertise at major sporting events, it’s a good idea to move to this format after achieving stable results with Popunders.

Why? Mainly because Popunders are simpler for beginners and don’t require advanced design skills.

With over 9.9 billion ad impressions per month, Social Bar is ideal for large-scale marketing campaigns. It allows you to include up to 15 creatives per test, amplifying the impact of your message. Adsterra offers free access to 20+ creative templates for Social Bar.

Need a push message for your VPN/App campaign? Opt for In-Page Push models.

Do you want to highlight the sale in your online store? Use Interstitial templates.

Looking for a different way to present your iGaming offering? Choose Custom Widget + Interstitial + In-Page Push.

The options are limitless and depend on your creativity.

Adsterra Social Bar in affiliate marketing - Adsterra - 2024 sports calendar

Essential tips for affiliates during sporting events

Here are some tips for you to make the most of traffic outside of conventional traffic buying channels.

Make sure your offer is relevant and attractive.

  • Test the promoted product as a potential user to ensure its effectiveness;
  • Check landing page loading speed and ease of use of lead forms;
  • Offer convenient payment options to increase deposit rates;
  • Understand the conversion flow and be aware of what you will be paid for each action taken.

Preparations before starting a campaign

  • Get ahead of important sporting events by planning at least 1 or 2 weeks in advance;
  • Develop multiple ad creatives to launch a test campaign without delay;
  • Make sure you have an adequate budget for the test, usually around $100 is enough, except for large events;
  • Check whether your ad network supports integration with your tracking system or allows the addition of third-party trackers.

Running a Test Campaign

  • Start with Popunder ads to take advantage of the most abundant traffic and drive users directly to your landing page;
  • When targeting large countries, be sure not to include cities or regions where advertising is prohibited;
  • Set up a separate campaign for each geography on your list;
  • Create distinct campaigns for mobile and desktop traffic, as well as for iOS and Android devices;
  • Avoid using too many traffic filters during testing to ensure maximum user coverage.

Campaign Optimization

  • Gather enough data for optimization, especially with CPM campaigns and hard-flow conversions;
  • Avoid making global changes or changing several settings at once to make it easier to analyze the results;
  • Add a time slot to your targeting to avoid periods of low activity;
  • Identify and prioritize ad locations with the best results and adjust bids as needed;
  • Take advantage of the optimization step to create blocklists and whitelists, adding them to separate campaigns;
  • Update creatives and pre-landing pages as needed to maintain campaign performance.

Remembering that it is always a good idea to consult Adsterra managers to obtain more insights and specific strategies for your campaigns.

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2024 Sports Calendar for Affiliates

As we’ve seen, users become highly engaged during major sporting events, making them likely to invest their attention — and money — if you offer something within their area of ​​interest.

For this reason, Adsterra has compiled a sports calendar that covers games and championships in more than 25 countries, providing a new source of high-intent audiences for your offers.

Check out the full calendar by clicking here.

Adsterra: Your growth area

Adsterra is a Global Advertising Network that stands out for its exclusive partner care approach. With a decade of experience in the digital advertising market, Adsterra offers relevant ad formats and feeds.

With more than 35 billion ad impressions per month, the platform achieves 1.5 billion conversions annually and has a CTR of up to 20%.

Specialized in verticals such as:

  • iGaming;
  • e-Commerce;
  • Apps
  • Utilities;
  • Software
  • Entertainment;

Adsterra’s advertising network delivers highly targeted and engaged traffic. Its dynamic, high-converting ad formats include the unique Social Bar, which is highly customizable and effective in overcoming ad blindness. Other popular formats include Popunder and Interstitial.

With 35,000 direct publishers and 15,000 brands, affiliates, media agencies and ad networks, Adsterra serves both conventional and niche verticals. Find out more here.