Exclusive Alessandro Lisboa talks about affiliation with Vai de Bob
Exclusive Alessandro Lisboa talks about affiliation with Vai de Bob

The Head of Affiliation of the Vai de Bob platform, Alessandro Lisboa, spoke to the iGaming Brazil portal about various topics of interest in the field of affiliations in sports betting.

First, he commented on the commercial strategies and goals for the platform to increase its number of partners and affiliates, as well as to publicize the brand.

Vai de Bob thus offers thousands of Brazilians a chance to monetize with the internet.

Alessandro Lisboa specializes in digital and affiliate marketing and has a strategic and insightful approach that allows Vai de Bob to stand out in this highly competitive market.

In addition, he has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and he told us how he applies it to his work.

In this interview, he talks a little about how the concept of the slogan that is the face of the company came up: “When in doubt, Go for Bob”.

Additionally, the Head of Afiliação comments on how he sees the affiliation market in Brazil today, compared to previous years.

Finally, he spoke about how the company is preparing to receive the regulation of gambling and betting, waiting with enthusiasm for the long-awaited moment.

Having participated in virtually all iGaming events this year and in previous ones, Alessandro says he is optimistic about the future of Brazil in terms of fairs and the emergence of new companies.

Vai de Bob is preparing for the competition by having a diversified range of products, according to him, which sets it apart from the others.

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