Foto: Geraldo Magela/Agência Senado
Foto: Geraldo Magela/Agência Senado

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) into the Manipulation of Games and Sports Betting broke the banking, telephone and tax secrecy of William Pereira Rogatto. William is appointed head of a match-fixing scheme in the Federal District football championship, Candangão, this year.

Senator Romário, author of the request, also requested the breaking of telematic confidentiality and sent the request to Google and Apple to access Pereira Rogatto’s emails and Facebook accounts.

According to the Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories (MPDFT), William worked with two Santa Maria players to manipulate results and influence bets. Furthermore, those involved were targets of Operation End of the Game, carried out in March.

According to the MPDFT, William presented himself as an athlete manager, but operated underground as a professional manipulator. Thus, he co-opted players and sold arranged results. In addition to Candangão, William would have participated in similar schemes in São Paulo and Sergipe.

There is an arrest warrant issued for him. However, the order was not fulfilled because the person being investigated lives abroad.

Involvement in the results manipulation scheme

The CPI identified that William Pereira Rogatto used his alleged role as a player manager to deceive and co-opt athletes. The MPDFT highlighted that its operations went beyond the Federal District, involving other regions of Brazil.

Operation Game Over was crucial in exposing their illicit activities.

The Santa Maria players, involved in the scheme, collaborated with William to change the results of the matches. This manipulation allowed accurate bets, generating illegal profits.

The breach of William’s banking, telephone and tax confidentiality by the CPI aims to deepen the investigation and discover the extent of the scheme.

Consequences and measures

The investigation revealed that William Pereira Rogatto was a central link in the match-fixing scheme. The unfulfilled arrest warrant, due to his residence abroad, is a barrier, but authorities continue to monitor his activities.

The breach of confidentiality is a measure to track the flow of money and communication of the person under investigation, helping to uncover the manipulation network.

The objective is to dismantle the scheme and hold everyone involved accountable, ensuring the integrity of sports championships in Brazil.