The Santa Catarina Football Federation (FCF), together with the Paraná Football Federation (FPF) and the Gaúcha Football Federation (FGF), established a partnership with Sportradar for the development of an online educational platform aimed at clubs in the three Brazilians states.

The primary objective of this initiative is to combat match-fixing in football, a topic of extreme relevance and sensitivity in the current sporting scenario.

The core of this project lies in fostering and promoting knowledge about this crucial issue of match-fixing in football.

Initially, through a customized educational platform, designed by Sportradar, a global leader and reference in sports technology solutions.

Thus, players, technical committees, managers, referees and courts linked to professional football clubs will have access to a series of videos and training materials covering the following topics:

  • Explanation of the concept of manipulation of results;
  • Operation of the betting market and its ramifications;
  • Relationships between match-fixing and organized crime;
  • Tactics employed by manipulators;
  • Regulations in force in Brazil and FIFA regarding betting;
  • Implications and sanctions for those involved in irregularities.

Match manipulation is a threat to sport

The three federations will assume responsibility for monitoring these trainings, ensuring access control for all users.

Therefore, at the end of the educational program, participants will be subjected to an evaluation questionnaire, the success of which will qualify them to receive a certificate of completion.

Rubens Angelotti, president of the FCF, highlighted: “This is an extremely sensitive topic that requires constant vigilance. Football is the sport we love so much, and it is imperative that it is played in an ethical and fair manner.

“We believe that this partnership will play a fundamental role in raising the level of knowledge of athletes and others involved in the world of football,” he added.

Match-fixing represents a persistent and growing threat across the global sporting landscape.

The Santa Catarina entity also highlighted that it is essential to employ “effective methods to mitigate the damage caused by this harmful practice, with education being one of the fundamental pillars in this process”.

“Thus, it is essential to carry out comprehensive training involving all actors in the football ecosystem”, stated in a note published by the FCF.