ABAESP makes a petition to encourage debate on the regulation of sports betting (1)
ABAESP makes a petition to encourage debate on the regulation of sports betting

The Associação Brasileira de Apostas Esportivas (ABAESP) has launched a petition to encourage debate on the regulation of sports betting in Brazil. The association demonstrates its concern regarding the growing speculation surrounding the processes and measures to regulate the segment.

Since the authorization of fixed odds betting by Law 13.756/18, it has been established that this activity would require regulation. The theme has been the subject of debates in several areas, such as the government, institutions, politicians, businessmen, sports, journalism and consumers. However, society needs more accurate information on the subject.

ABAESP is particularly concerned about the tax to be applied on the player/consumer, which could have a doubly negative effect on consumption. Such a measure may discourage players from betting at bookmakers licensed in Brazil, reduce job creation, encourage informality in the market and harm consumer safety.

In addition, the entity has concerns regarding the additional taxes on the GGR, which total 31% – more than double what is practiced internationally, which is 15%. This tax burden can negatively impact the economic sustainability of companies operating in the sector, as well as the competitiveness of the market in general.

This percentage may also affect the quotations (odds) offered by the operator to the bettor, which, consequently, reduces the consumer’s possibility of profit and increases the demand for unlicensed operators in Brazil.

It is important to highlight that, even with the request, the federal government has not been transparent about the official text of the provisional measure that it plans to present. It is extremely important that this draft be released before the issuance of the provisional measure, so that everyone can carefully analyze it and make the necessary contributions to a fair and competitive sports betting market.

ABAESP believes that the regulation draft should be available to society, and that a public consultation should be open so that all those interested in a positively regulated activity can contribute on the subject.

ABAESP is committed to working with the federal government and other regulatory bodies to develop an adequate regulatory framework that promotes safety, transparency, consumer protection and accountability in the sports betting sector in Brazil.

To sign the undersigning, just access: Undersigned · Sports Betting Regulations · Change.org