The Civil Police of São Paulo opened an investigation to investigate an alleged manipulation of the result – for the benefit of sports betting – in the match between Ferroviária and Zumbi, in the second round of the first phase of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior.

A complaint was made by a player from Zumbi, a team from Alagoas, claiming that a gambler, identified as Diego Rodrigues, got in touch offering BRL 3 thousand for the Alagoas team to concede six corners in the first half and five in the second in favor of Railway.

It is important to mention that the number of corners in a match is one of the items available for bettors to increase their earnings on sports betting platforms. Fouls, number of cards and game score are other categories that can also be bet.

Faced with the complaint, the president of the Alagoan team sought the Paulista Football Federation, which forwarded the case to the Civil Police. In the end, Zumbi beat Ferroviária by 1-0, thanks to Kauã’s goal in the 47th minute of the second half, advancing to the second phase with the vice-leadership of Group 12, behind Corinthians.

Check out the conversation between bettor and player below:

Sports betting: Attempt to manipulate the result in the SP Cup is investigated by the Police
Sports betting: Attempt to manipulate the result in the SP Cup is investigated by the Police

The Civil Police have already identified the alleged gambler and requested the breach of telephone and bank secrecy. He will appear to testify about the case. Other games in the competition are also being monitored.

In 2022 we had several cases similar to this in Brazil. Sports betting receives predictions in virtually all games, however, some bettors seek to manipulate the results in order to further increase their profits with the modality.

The segment has not received adequate regulation since its approval in 2018 – in the then government of Michel Temer. Because of this, we do not have strong supervision over the bets that are placed and possible cases of manipulation of results.