All these setbacks and unpredictability heat up the Brazilian sports betting market even more.
Reuters/Annegret Hilse

Currently, there is no talk of anything other than the World Cup. In fact, this is a unique moment that draws the attention of many people around the world. The competition brings a completely different feel to all other tournaments, being followed by supporters and sports betting fans from all over the world.

The Qatar Cup will be remembered, among other controversies, for the upsets in the first round. The term ‘zebra’ even appeared in football due to the Jogo do Bicho. As this animal did not exist in the game, negative results were generally considered a ‘zebra’, as they did not meet the expectations of part of the players.

We already had Argentina losing for the first time in a debut, and for Saudi Arabia, Japan beating Germany. Furthermore, in the history of the competition we have already seen the United States beat the creator of soccer, England, 1-0, in 1950; Brazil losing 1-2 to Norway in 1998, Slovakia 3-2 to Italy in 2010, Germany’s 2-0 defeat to South Korea in 2018, not to mention the historic rout that became a nightmare for everyone in the world. Brazilians, the 7 to 1 of Germany and Brazil.

All these setbacks and unpredictability further heat up the Brazilian sports betting market – a segment that moves billions of reais and gains new fans daily. The estimate for 2023 for this market is even more promising. The modality was allowed in Brazil in December 2018, approved by then-President Michel Temer. But there is still no complete regulation of the sector in the country.

Companies that offer sports betting cannot be headquartered in Brazil and follow the legal rules of their country of origin. An attractive, accessible and risky field that can become another source of debt. The expectation of easy money with little effort makes the best of greed and ignorance.

It is possible to bet small amounts at bookmakers, starting from R$ 10 (on average) and with no maximum limit. Depending on the result, the amount bet can be multiplied several times, giving greater returns when the so-called ‘zebras’ happen.

For example: in the game between Germany and Japan in Qatar, a bet of BRL 1,000, at half-time, already paid the equivalent of BRL 13,000 for those who had placed their hopes in the Japanese team. This explains the reason for the many searches we see on the internet for ‘how to profit from sports betting?’.

High earnings in a short time and with low risk draw the attention of fans and supporters. This is a combination that cannot be represented by any animal, for the simple fact that this possibility does not exist.

It is worth remembering that the zebras happened and will certainly continue to happen, giving their air of grace inside and outside the four lines. It would be ideal, therefore, that they could also stay out of your bank account.