Ministry of Economy officially announces new secretary of SECAP
Photo: Ministério da Economia

Last Monday, the 31st, the Ministry of Economy confirmed the new person in charge of the Secretariat for Assessment, Planning, Energy and Lottery (SECAP). From now on, Sérgio Ricardo Calderini Rosa will assume the role after the recent departure of Gustavo José de Guimarães e Souza.

The former secretary requested his dismissal on 19 January. According to information from the Ministry of Economy, Guimarães was invited to work in the Legislature.

Duties of the new secretary of SECAP

The new secretary of SECAP is a career server, in the position of specialist in Public Policies and Government Management. He has also worked in numerous roles at the then Ministry of Planning, at the Civil Aviation Secretariat, at the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic and at the Ministry of Education.

Calderini holds a degree in mechatronics engineering from Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (USP), a doctorate in Public Administration and Government from Fundação Getulio Vargas and an MBA from the London Business School of the University of London. The new secretary also has extensive experience both in the private market and in the public sector.

The Ministry of Economy also reported that Sérgio Ricardo Calderini Rosa began to work in his new position at SECAP last Friday, 28th. And he will continue the process of regulating sports betting on the national scene.

In addition, the professional will continue with the analysis and improvement of public policies, as well as advance with economic reforms, especially in the energy and lottery segments.

Changes in the Ministry of Economy

It is worth noting that Gustavo José de Guimarães e Souza was not the only one to resign from his duties at the Ministry of Economy. Cristiano Heckert (former Secretary of Management at the Ministry of Economy) and Mauro Sergio Bogea Soares (former program director at the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue) also requested their respective departures.

In December, Heckert ended up assuming the presidency of the Complementary Pension Fund for the Federal Public Servant of the Executive Branch (Funpresp-Exe).