's master sponsorship should earn in BRL 87 million to São Paulo

Announced as São Paulo’s biggest sponsorship, the agreement with should earn 87 million reais by 2024. Portal Uol revealed that the club will receive R$ 15 million this year and installments of R$ 24 million over the three years following. From the 2023 season, the amount starts to be adjusted for inflation up to 5% per year.

Besides the fixed amounts, there are numerous variables. The bookmaker will transfer R$ 10 for each entry on its platform generated by the partnership with the São Paulo club, remembering that there is a system to calculate this.

There are also awards for sports goals achieved. Winning Libertadores would result in an additional payment of R$700,000. As of 2022, the title of the most relevant tournament among South American clubs will represent a bonus of R$1.7 million. While the 2021 Brazil Cup can still take R$ 150,000 to São Paulo’s coffers. The value for this title will rise to R$550 thousand next year.

In 2023, will have a way to terminate the agreement unilaterally, without paying a fine for contract cancellation. This situation contemplates both the club’s fall to the second division of the Campeonato Paulista and the Brasileirão.

Details of the agreement between and the São Paulo club

However, sponsorship includes much more than just the branding on the professional team uniform. That’s because the board has closed an extensive list of properties with the bookmaker. The arrangement covers the men’s and women’s soccer teams and the basketball team, as well as spaces for the mark on the buses that carry the athletes.

The parties also arranged exhibitions on the screens of Morumbi during the matches, the transfer of three boxes, around 100 tickets for games at the São Paulo stadium, 250 shirts (100 with athletes’ autographs), 15 visits to the Training Center, a event in Morumbi per year and three in Cotia.

The São Paulo club also agreed to grant the collective image of players to the betting platform and act together in marketing activations with players and idols of São Paulo. However, the announcement of the contract with as “the biggest in the club’s history” has generated some controversy.'s master sponsorship should yield BRL 87 million to São Paulo by 2024

“São Paulo considers this the biggest contract in its history. The comparison must take into account all factors and variables. The contract length, the cash value, exchanges, bonuses, awards, products. If we compare all of these. points, we can consider it the greatest in history”, explained the marketing director Eduardo Toni.

The director of São Paulo also stressed that the statement is based on real values ​​and not on amounts speculated in the media. “But it is important to emphasize that this comparison must be made with real values ​​that were reached in the contracts, and not with those that were disclosed in the market or estimated”, he concluded.

The sponsorship with received approval from the Board of Directors last Tuesday, 17th, in an online vote.