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SCCG Management, a leading consulting firm in the global gaming industry, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with mkodo, a leading technology provider in the iGaming space.

This collaboration aims to distribute mkodo’s innovative geolocation product, GeoLocs, and other leading solutions in the US and key global markets, including Brazil, leveraging SCCG’s strong market presence and industry experience.

SCCG Management will help distribute mkodo products

GeoLocs represents the cutting edge of geolocation technology in the iGaming sector, offering operators a comprehensive solution that prioritizes innovation, efficiency and reliability.

Designed exclusively for the iGaming industry over 12 years ago, GeoLocs was the first active geolocation service in Ontario. The tool allows operators to:

  • Manage geographic boundaries with ease
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Validate player location and device information

Its integration is perfect (in just 5 days) and without dependence on complementary applications. Therefore, there is innovation in improving user experience and security.

In addition to GeoLocs, SCCG will help distribute mkodo’s comprehensive suite of products, including mCloud Gateway. So, this extensible platform serves as an API management framework, offering:

  • Secure tools to monitor, improve and secure APIs and web services
  • Customizable front-end solutions built on pre-developed frameworks
  • Customized applications for iGaming operators; casino, sports betting, lottery, bingo and live casino
SCCG Management announces partnership with mkodo

Partnership seeks greater market diversification

Stephen Crystal, founder and CEO of SCCG Management, highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating: “The geolocation market in the gaming industry has been dominated by a single player, stifling innovation and limiting options for iGaming platforms.

Our collaboration with mkodo is a step towards diversifying this market, bringing more competition and offering better options for operators. GeoLocs, with its advanced technology and ease of integration, represents the future of secure and compliant iGaming operations.

Therefore, we are excited to work with mkodo to distribute GeoLocs and other leading solutions. In this way, this will pave the way for a more inclusive and competitive space in the gaming industry.”

Stuart Godfree, Managing Director at mkodo said: “Partnering with SCCG Management is an exciting move for mkodo. The expertise behind SCCG and its global network will be instrumental in expanding our reach and amplifying our voice in the iGaming industry.”

Therefore, this partnership represents a significant milestone for both SCCG and mkodo. It brings together two iGaming industry leaders in their commitment to innovation, excellence and the future of the sector.

Together, SCCG and mkodo can redefine the gaming technology landscape, offering unparalleled solutions to operators around the world.”