Pipa Games hits the market with a new live casino idea

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The recent launch of Pipa Games, the first live game studio in the iGaming sector, is the perfect representation of the moment in which the national market is entering.

A 100% Brazilian production, made to meet the growing demand of a demanding clientele that looks for games that are increasingly tropicalized and for more captivating and humane experiences.

Brazil is a country with a promising industry that has been standing out more and more in the sector’s publications and vying for the attention of experienced and successful operators with potentially richer and more mature regions.

It is in this scenario that the ambitious project of Pipa Games begins to take shape through its first game, a live roulette presented by experienced dealers trained by Dealer Pro, the most prestigious school of casino professionals in Brazil.

At the head of this operation are entrepreneurs André Schuartz, a visionary entrepreneur who brought to Brazil the entertainment experience of a real casino for corporate events, parties and the like, through his company Cassinera; and Alessandro Valente, veteran of the affiliation sector, co-founder of Super Afiliados and consultant to several foreign operators who entered the country.

With extensive operational experience, having founded Dealer Pro and Cassinera, André feels comfortable in running the day-to-day operation, working with the technology and dealer team. Pipa Games has quickly become a passion for the entrepreneur who, for more than a decade, has moved through the medium with great enthusiasm and naturalness.

“Making this game happen was challenging, but at the same time an important step for the industry and participating in this feat is very satisfying”, comments André regarding his journey during the process of creating the first game of Pipa Games.

“It is an honor to be able to work side by side with a brilliant industry figure like André on an innovative project in the region and to be able to bring something that we really believe is relevant to meet an increasingly important demand”, says Alessandro Valente in relation the project and its participation in the business.

At a time when Brazil is trying to expand its revenue sources, envisioning the opening of casinos in resorts or even an urban casino model, this project reinforces the need to resolve the issue of opening the game as a whole.

Tropicalization is essential for an operation to be successful, regardless of its segment. In the online casino gaming environment it is notable that there is this yearning coming from players who tend to prefer to play in a more friendly environment to their taste.

Entering a live roulette room and interacting with the dealer in your own language would be interesting, but if the gambler, in addition, finds a really friendly experience the result will be the natural captivation of the customer.

The first Pipa Games game is coming out of the oven now, with some integrations already underway, a pre-launch scheduled for 2020 in some operators carefully selected and for product evaluation by the hands of those who can actually judge: the public; because Vox Populi, Vox Dei!