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Councilor Paulo Miyashiro proposed to the mayor of the city of Santos, Rogério Santos, the creation of the “Santos Loteria“. This project aims to increase resources for local sport.

The initiative intends to explore lottery modalities permitted by Federal Law No. 13,756, of December 12, 2018. It will follow the rules established by the Federal Lottery, administered by Caixa Econômica Federal.

Inspired by Law No. 9,615, of March 24, 1998, sanctioned by President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the project has clear objectives.

This law, known as the Piva Law, determines that 2% of the gross revenue from federal lotteries be allocated to the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee.

Councilor Miyashiro believes that the “Santos Loteria” will bring similar benefits to local sport.

Details about ‘Santos Loteria’

“The objective is to encourage sport. The project follows the basis of the Piva Law, which to this day helps high-performance sports in the city. That’s why I passed it on to the mayor,” said Miyashiro.

“The city of Santos cannot be left behind. It’s a way to regularize this game. After all, it has all the percentage rules. The project comes to add value”, he added.

Manoel Rogélio Garcia, lawyer from the councilor’s office, reinforces the importance of sport for society. “Sport is one of the great pillars of society. It encourages children and takes people away from idleness. The concern is with social dignity”, said Garcia.

He also mentioned that, despite the existence of the Municipal Sports Foundation, the resources raised are still low. The idea of ​​the lottery arose from observations of the decisions of the Federal Supreme Court on the exploitation of lotteries no longer being an exclusive monopoly of the Union.

“The operation of lotteries is no longer an exclusive monopoly of the Union. They were always focused on that. It’s not something completely exclusive, but we’ve talked about it in other places. It was with this positive conversation that we put the plan on paper”, explained Garcia.

Project operation

Therefore, if they approve the project, citizens will be able to place bets through various means, including electronic and the internet. The Executive will manage the public municipal lottery service, using public-private partnerships, concessions or permissions.

In addition, bettors will have 90 days to claim their prizes.

Thus, the prizes not withdrawn will go to the Santos Sports Foundation, which will use the amounts to develop projects to improve the city’s athletes. In this way, municipal management will deliver the amounts allocated to the Foundation.