Líder da oposição decide liberar bancada em votação da regulamentação das apostas
Foto: Pedro França / Agência Senado

The leader of the opposition in the Senate, Rogério Marinho (PL-RN), decided to release the bench in the vote this Wednesday, 29, on the bill that defines the regulation of sports betting.

According to Valor, the opposition should not impose much resistance to the advancement of the betting proposal, as well as the offshore funds project.

Therefore, each senator will be able to vote freely in the Plenary this Wednesday, 29th. The decision was communicated during a meeting of the opposition group.

Last week, the Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) approved, by agreement, the two projects, both priorities for the plan of the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad. Haddad’s intention is to increase revenue sources for 2024.

Sports betting regulation project

The proposal to regulate sports betting also legalizes online gaming. Senator Angelo Coronel’s report defined taxation for operators at 12%.

While the text approved by the Chamber of Deputies in September established a higher rate, 18%.

Furthermore, the rapporteur reduced the bettor’s income tax rate on prizes by half. Initially, the text provided for a taxation of 30%, approved at 15% in the CAE.

However, the rapporteur maintained the value of R$30 million as a fee for exploring the activity in Brazil. Despite this, he increased the license period from three to five years.

Betting companies will still need to have a Brazilian as a partner, holding at least 20% of the share capital.

Also according to Valor, Coronel presented a vote supplement this Wednesday morning, allowing Caixa Econômica Federal and lottery licensees to operate fixed-odd bets.

Project rapporteur believes in a ‘easy voting’

Senator Angelo Coronel is optimistic about a rapid vote in the House Plenary. “It will be a easy vote. Congress, especially the Senate, knows the importance of generating new alternative sources of resources for the Union”, he declared.

“We cannot let hypocrisy prosper. We need to work to approve it, because no one is inventing the game; we are regulating gambling in a law that has existed since 2018”, he added.