It took place today, 16, in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, the vote on the urgent request for the legalization of gambling and casinos. The application needed 257 votes in favor and ended up registering 293, being an important step in the history of gambling and casinos in Brazil.

Chamber President, Arthur Lira had already revealed that he intended to put the urgent requirement for the release of casinos and other gambling modalities to a vote.

Lira had the support of deputies linked to the tourism sector, however, she had been suffering from the opposition of evangelical group, public security and health. The first attempt to apply for the legalization of gambling took place on Monday, 13, but it went no further.

The text is from a report by Felipe Carreras based on a 1991 project and several proposals made in the last three decades. After an assessment by a working group, the federal deputy drafted a text that provides for the release of casinos, gambling machines, bingos, video-bingos, online gambling and horse racing bets (in horse racing).