Argentinian Hippodrome in Palermo Resumes Races Without an Audience

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Argentinian Hippodrome in Palermo Resumes Races Without an Audience
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After five and a half months of inactivity due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Hippodrome Argentino de Palermo resumed races last Friday, 28. The day was marked by twelve races.

Argentinian Hippodrome of Palermo returned with distance betting

The disputes at the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo can be followed live on YouTube and interested parties will be able to bet on Turfito agencies.

Although it is not allowed to stay in place to watch the races. This implies that, as the public cannot attend, the area where the slots work is also not being used.

In addition, there is provision for authorization for the other race tracks in the Province to be able to reopen, including La Plata. And although there is no precise date, the license must be released by the second half of September.

Buenos Aires horse racing representatives had been working to ensure the return to activity, suspended since the end of March. However, the sector received with surprise the news that the action may return in one place, while the ban goes to nearby headquarters, as is the case of San Isidro and La Plata.

These centers are also in the Metropolitan Region, which defines common strategies in relation to the management of measures related to the pandemic.

The Institute declared that the health protocol for returning the turf is finalized and that it is now being analyzed by the Buenos Aires authorities.

“There is no date yet, but it is imminent”, they pointed out in relation to the return of the evidence. The governing body of the game in the Province has a reservation: the authorization does not imply that the races automatically return.

Races without audience

When the competition is enabled in other points, the tendency is to be without an audience. In this way, bets will be placed on equestrian agencies. In the Province, as mentioned, there are other race tracks: La Plata, San Isidro, Dolores, Azul and Tandil.

The equestrian industry generates about 100,000 direct jobs and another 300,000 indirect jobs and 80% of its activity is concentrated in the province of Buenos Aires, in addition to being the fourth world exporter of racehorses, according to official data.

There is no deadline for casinos to return in Argentina

In the context of the pandemic, at the moment lottery agencies were enabled to resume operations. The next stage will be with licenses for the golf courses.

On the other hand, there is no deadline from the authorities for when activities in bingo halls and casinos will be allowed again