BiS SiGMA Americas: first panels show that Brazil is at the center of attention at the global level

The first day of the 2023 edition of BiS SiGMA Americas is finally here! This Thursday, the 15th, the event officially began in a large and comfortable structure at the Transamerica Expo Center, located in São Paulo (SP). The official agenda extends until next Saturday, 17.

The official opening featured Alessandro Valente, Carlos Cardama and Eman Pulis (SIGMA Group). Valente thanked everyone present, highlighting the press coverage.

In addition, he spoke about the idealization of Bet Expo and the realization of another great edition of BiS – now in partnership with the SiGMA Group. “It is a great pleasure to be here for another great edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit”, stated Valente.

Alessandro Valente

Pulis took the stage and spoke a few words about the city of São Paulo and extolled the grandeur of the event and the Latin American market. “We are extremely happy to carry out this partnership with BiS. And we look forward to a bright future in the coming years”, he stressed.

Alessandro Valente also requested the presence of Cardama on stage, who thanked the public, the organizing team and the press present – ​​mentioning the CEO of the iGaming Brazil portal, Flavio Figueiredo.

Lecture: The importance of sports betting for Brazil

Daniel Homem de Carvalho (Special Committee on Sports, Lottery and Entertainment Law) was the first speaker of this edition. “With this exuberant market that we perceive in Brazil, with this industry, we need to think about what challenges we will have ahead”.

He cited the need to promote a free, mature and controlled market. “It is necessary that companies are here in free competition. The first role does not belong to the government, it belongs to the market. The market has to have the potential to conserve itself”, he pointed out.

Daniel highlighted the importance of the market and companies being concerned about the integrity and safety of their customers. “The market has to be permanently monitoring integrity. The more preserved the sport system, the more respect and integrity these companies will have”.

The issue of regulation was also addressed. “It is very necessary that in the elaboration of this regulation the companies of that market are heard. This is to help that the society has confidence in this system of laws. We are in an entertainment market. The game is for fun”.

The speaker also commented on the importance of a mature regulator with legal knowledge. “A competent regulatory agent for this market is essential. This market is worldwide and has great potential in Brazil”.

Panel: The future of the sector in Brazil

Wesley Cardia (ANJL), Rafael Ayub (Innovation, Science and Technology of RS), Marcus Vinicius Vieira de Almeida (state deputy of RS), José Francisco Manssur (special advisor to the Ministry of Finance) and Mersinho Lucena (federal deputy) joined the second panel of the day, projecting the development of the sector in the country.

Wesley Cardia stated: “We are all fighting, all here on this stage, for advancement. Regulation is the way to make the market safer for society, bettors and bookmakers”.

Wesley Cardia

Deputy Mersinho Lucena, in turn, thanked the invitation and the opportunity to be able to debate on such an important issue in Brazil. “There would be no need for this CPI if we had regulations. Today we have a bill in the Senate, which deals with the issue of fantasy games and electronic games in Brazil”.

Deputy Mersinho Lucena

“We know how important this is for job creation and new opportunities in Brazil. I’ve already had conversations with the mayor, Arthur Lira, and he agrees with online betting in the country”, he added.

Deputy Marcus Vinicius Vieira de Almeida spoke about how betting is part of the culture of Brazil and the people of the southern region. “We have to take advantage of this favorable trend of the economy in our Brazil”.

Deputy Marcus Vinicius participating in the panel

The deputy mentioned the creation of laws that facilitate the undertaking of this sector, promoting the generation of jobs and income. “We have a challenge ahead of us. Rio Grande do Sul published a PMI for the creation of a state lottery in the last few days and we have a lot of expectations”.

Rafael Ayub, in turn, commented on the executive’s position with regulation. “It [regulation] will happen, just like other technologies, innovations and sectors have advanced in Brazil. I really believe that we will be able to advance in several aspects in this regulation”.

Rafael Ayub speaking at the seminar

José Francisco Manssur, on the other hand, valued the broad debate that is being carried out with all members of the sector before the regulation.

“Despite the delay and anxiety, there is a positive side: we are debating too much, we are listening too much, this is fundamental. The last step is already being discussed with parliament. Everything that is being done now, which may seem like a delay, is so that we have less problems in the process”.

José Francisco Manssur

Manssur also entered the problems generated recently by the discovery of a match-fixing scheme in Brazilian football. “We want, as a federal government, to enter the field to fight against match-fixing”, adding the desire to also ‘regulate advertising’.

Lecture: Certification, inspection and regulatory compliance: everything you need to know to build a solid market

Valter Delfraro started by presenting Gaming Laboratories International and its importance in certification procedures. In addition, he highlighted how certification is fundamental for the betting sector and for building a solid and safe market.

Delfraro also explained the standards created by the GLI, compiling the rules and jurisdictions of different countries for companies in the sector to prepare for certification in a regulated market. “The certification brings security to the process. You will be validating all the technical requirements and standards”.

Valter Delfraro

The speaker listed the stages of the validation process around the world, mentioning that most certificates are valid in numerous countries, requiring only occasional adjustments.

According to Delfraro, certification strengthens the market, ensures the company’s competence, values ​​the team and good practices. “Once the player starts to be aware, he will start looking for companies with certificates”, he concluded.

Panel: Global expectations for the sector in Brazil

Roberto Regianini (FBMDS), Marc Crean (OpenBet), Ramito Atucha (Vibra Gaming), Javier Trancoso (FutbolSites) and Ivo Dorotéia (Play Book) participated in the last debate this Thursday morning.

Roberto Regianini

Roberto Regianini opened the conversation extolling the opportunity existing today in Brazil and how the country is focusing the attention of the sector worldwide.

Ivo Dorotéia

Corroborating this vision, Ivo Dorotéia spoke about the possibilities for business in the national territory, but that it is necessary to debate about the regulation and really understand the country’s challenges.

Ramiro Atucha

While Ramiro Atucha listed essential issues that must be taken into account, such as sector regulation, bettor safety and the peculiarities of the Brazilian market. “Operators must pay attention to the location of the platform, content and adapt to the market”.

Marc Crean

Marc Crean stressed that Brazil has many particularities, such as a combination of the ‘Brazilian way and innovation’. “Usually the product is global, but the way you interact with the public is different in each place. Brazil has strong opportunities, a strong structure and part of innovation”.

Javier Trancoso

Javier Trancoso also mentioned that Brazil has its own identity, highlighting the language, culture and passion for football. In addition, Trancoso stated that a detailed analysis is essential, considering the love for local clubs, betting culture and the importance of responsible gambling.