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Gaming revenue in the state of Nevada increased 0.8% year-on-year to $1.28 billion in January, the latest record for the first month of the year.

In other words, revenue was slightly higher than US$1.27 billion in January 2023, but 10.5% behind the collection of US$1.43 billion in December 2023.

Decline in table and card games hits Nevada

Slot machines accounted for $885.9 million in revenue in January, a 1.3% increase over last year.

About $567.2 million came from multi-denomination slots, while penny slots generated $231.1 million in revenue.

Then, in contrast to that growth, table and card games revenue fell 7.5% to $393.5 million in January. However, blackjack was the main source of revenue here, despite an 18.2% drop to $98.3 million.

Dice game revenue decreased 19.4% to $32.0 million and roulette revenue decreased 40.7% to $27.4 million.

Baccarat was just one of four areas in this segment to record growth, with revenue increasing 8.0% to $98.0 million.

Pai Gow poker revenue jumped 125.5% to $11.2 million, while “card games” revenue rose 0.5% to $13.2 million for the month.

Bets on American football are highlighted

Sports betting boosted the numbers. In January, sports pool revenue was 28.4% higher, to US$64.7 million. Thus, of this total, US$30.1 million came from mobile betting in Nevada.

But football betting generated revenue of $38.5 million as the NFL season neared its end. That’s because Nevada’s gaming paradise, Las Vegas, hosted the NFL’s season-ending Super Bowl in early February.

Elsewhere, basketball betting revenue reached $18.4 million and hockey revenue reached $3.1 million.

And other sports recorded £5.7 million, while baseball betting resulted in a loss of $1 million.

Focusing on the famous Las Vegas Strip, revenue was 3.8% lower compared to the previous year, to US$686.2 million. But slot machine revenue on the Strip increased 3.1% to $400.8 million.

However, revenue from table and card games fell 12.1% to $285.4 million. In terms of Strip revenue from sports betting, there was an increase of 35.4%, reaching US$28.5 million.