Imagem: Goiás Esporte Clube / Divulgação

Goiás Esporte Clube has just signed a contract with BETesporte as master sponsor for the 2024 season.

Thus, the sports betting company will have its brand highlighted on Verdão’s game uniform, occupying the most visible position.

Partnership beyond uniforms

The partnership will not be limited to just the uniform, it will extend to several aspects of the club, such as advertising on social media and a series of promotions involving the vibrant Nação Esmeraldina.

Luciano Paciello, CEO of Verdão, highlighted the importance of the agreement, stating that having strategic partners such as BETesporte is essential to strengthen the club.

“We are very happy to announce this agreement which, without a doubt, will be very positive for both parties. In other words, we are working to strengthen the club and, in this process, having strategic partners, such as BETesporte, is essential.”

Therefore, the sponsorship is already in place and in the next games, BETesporte will debut the Esmeraldino uniform.

The agreement is valid for the 2024 season, but both the club and the bookmaker believe that this is just the beginning of a lasting and advantageous partnership.

CEO of BETesporte praises the club

Vinicius Nogueira, CEO of BETesporte, expressed his pride in sponsoring one of the most traditional clubs in Brazilian football.

Furthermore, he emphasized the desire for success for Goiás throughout the season and highlighted that the Emerald fans will be well received at BETesporte.

“It is a source of great pride to sponsor Goiás, one of the most traditional clubs in Brazilian football. We will be at Esmeraldino’s side this year and we wish the team great success throughout this season.

Your immense support will be very well received on our platform and, together, we will chart a victorious path”, he added.