Anthony Garotinho supports legalization of gambling and points out Silvio Santos as 'the guy who started gambling in Brazil'
Photo: Renato Araújo / Arquivo Agência Brasil

Recently, politician Anthony Garotinho gave an interview to the SBT News portal. The former governor of Rio de Janeiro was questioned by Roseann Kennedy and Isabele Benito last week.

At one point in the interview, Roseann asked if Garotinho was in favor or against the liberation of the gambling industry in Brazil. He said he was “in favor” of legalization “even because gambling is already legal in Brazil”.

Roseann Kennedy complemented the interviewee’s answer: “The argument that has been made in the stands is that it has been done [betting] over the internet, including”. Interestingly, Garotinho also mentioned the owner of the channel (SBT) where he was being interviewed, presenter Silvio Santos.

“No, my dear, I’m sorry. I’m giving an interview on television to Silvio Santos, the guy who started gambling in Brazil”, declared the politician.

Project that provides for the legalization of gambling in Brazil is in the Senate

At the moment, a bill that provides for the legalization of gambling in Brazil is in the Senate after approval in the Chamber of Deputies. The proposal establishes the legalization of integrated casinos, bingos, slot machines, Jogo do Bicho and other modalities.

Pressured by the evangelical bench, President Jair Bolsonaro has already said that he would veto the project if it passed the Senate and regretted its approval in the Chamber of Deputies. However, government officials acted in favor of the project in the Chamber, as well as Centrão. There is a division on the matter at the base of the president.

While federal deputy Newton Cardoso in a panel of the first Afiliados Latam, in São Paulo, said that the project should not be shelved in the Senate. Supporting the regulation, the deputy stated that he received confirmation from President Rodrigo Pacheco that the Senate will vote on the matter, but without mentioning any deadline.

“It won’t stay in the drawer. I’m sure, on the part of the Senate, that approval will happen. And, we have no doubt that the Regulatory Framework will bring great benefits to Brazilian society”.

The deputy also declared that the revenue from the gaming sector in Brazil could reach 30 billion reais.