Oddin.gg is pleased to announce a new partnership with Betsson Group, a tier 1 betting company with multiple international brands. This collaboration will further enhance Betsson’s eSports betting services.

This way, taking advantage of Oddin.gg’s comprehensive odds feed and extensive eSports statistics across the group’s platforms.

The integration of Oddin.gg’s advanced solutions with Betsson’s offerings has enriched the eSports betting landscape. Thus, the agreement offers a superior betting experience to users across the world.


Betsson is a major player in several global markets, including Latin America and Europe. The group recognizes the importance of eSports in today’s competitive sports betting market.

Although eSports is still in the development phase compared to traditional sports, there is a strong focus on improving fundamental aspects of betting such as market depth and reliable live betting.

The company sees an opportunity to further capitalize on eSports offerings, improving its market presence and the strength of its products.

The partnership with Oddin.gg is a crucial step in taking advantage of the evolving eSports market and offering its extensive customer base a superior betting experience.

Marek Suchar, CEO and co-founder of Oddin.gg, says: “We are honored to be chosen as a partner by Betsson, a prestigious blue-chip operator with gaming licenses in 23 countries and a team of over 2,200 professionals.

Our partnership with Betsson is a testament to our commitment and capabilities in the eSports domain. We share Betsson’s vision of providing the best customer experience in the industry. We are proud to contribute our advanced odds feed and detailed statistics to this endeavor.

Partnering with yet another high-profile regulated operator looking to unlock the potential of eSports is a significant milestone for us at Oddin.gg. We are excited to be part of Betsson’s journey in setting new standards for customer engagement and satisfaction in eSports betting.”

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