Exclusive Leo de Biase, from BBL, talks about the synergy of eSports and iGaming

The iGaming Brazil portal had the pleasure of speaking with Leo de Biase, co-founder of BBL – (Bad Boy Leeroy) – a one-stop company specialized in games and eSports.

Leo de Biase, who has been at the BBL for 4 years, and with more than 25 years in the games market, did a retrospective and also told us a little about the history of the BBL (Bad Boy Leeroy), from the time of LAN houses, when almost no one had broadband, until today, where the agency already has more than 100 people working together, in different areas, having passed and overcome the pandemic, resuming with full force after the period 20-21.

Leo mentioned, among others, the new project of a super eSports Arena (the largest in the world) that will be built in Pacaembu, São Paulo’s emblematic stadium, together with the Allegra consortium.

He also commented on the third pillar that was missing for the BBL, according to him, which was the creation of a Festival, which ended up taking place in July of this year, the UCCONX, and will now take place annually.

The potential of eSports was also the subject of the interview, what will happen when the expected regulation arrives and what this means for esports.

And regarding the increasing space occupied by women in eSports, he agrees that they are already around 50%, even, predominating in attendance, but falling in competition, still dominated by men.

“Even though eSports is the third option for bettors, behind football and basketball, and taking into account that the betting public is in the same age group or close to those who practice and enjoy electronic games, eSports do not represent a threat to football”, said Leo de Biase.

Watch the full interview below