BtoBet increases its eSports offer in partnership with Oddin

Sports betting platform BtoBet, part of the Aspire Global group, has announced an agreement with Oddin. According to the terms, the brand will be able to provide its new partner’s iFrame eSports solution and ODDS feed to its customers.

Oddin, an engaging provider dedicated to e-sports, distinguishes himself from the competition by focusing entirely on maximizing player involvement, working on the gaps between tournaments in this vertical.

BtoBet partners will now be in an ideal position to leverage their eSports offering through a portfolio of live markets driven and with increased uptime for their players.

Sabrina Soldà, the marketing director at BtoBet, said: “The eSports vertical is registering an increasing growth in its market share, especially since the demographics of its players are different from those that characterize the sports betting vertical”.

Sabrina added: “Considering the emphasis we place on providing a tailor-made betting experience for all player profiles, it is imperative for us to ensure that we are in a position to provide our partners with solutions that enable them to integrate the generation that is shaping the vertical of eSports ”.

Oddin representative celebrates chance to reach more operators in association with BtoBet

Marek Suchar, Oddin’s head of partnerships, commented on the deal’s formalization. ”The way we think about betting on eSports has translated into our relationship with companies like BtoBet and Aspire Global, one of the largest and most respected brands in the industry. I am extremely happy to cooperate with your team to deliver our vision to the vast network of your partners ”.

Suchar added: “From the beginning, we believe that eSports betting has the potential to become an important vertical for all operators. That is why we have developed a solution that can bring the engagement that the industry currently misses. With this partnership, our sports betting experience is now available to hundreds of operators ”.