Exclusivo: Mateo Lenoble detalha o serviço de integridade da Sportradar e as parcerias com CBF e Conmebol

At Sportradar, the regulation of sports betting has been closely monitored since legalization in 2018. According to Mateo Lenoble, vice president of Account Management for Latin America, the company recognizes the importance of the Latin American market, with special emphasis on Brazil.

“Latin America is a very large continent, but the most important country is Brazil. The whole world is focused on Brazil at the moment. Sportradar always has the same position: supporting regulation and supporting all regulators”, he stated.

In the coming months, Sportradar plans to open an office in Brazil, reinforcing its commitment to the local market. The company continuously monitors the betting market to provide accurate, real-time data to its partners.

“Sportradar is a technology provider for sports. In sports betting, we provide everything an operator, a bookmaker, needs for their business. This includes providing pre-game data, live data and the integrity part “, he explained.

Combating match manipulation and sports partnerships

Therefore, Sportradar forms partnerships to exchange information in order to combat match manipulation. “We form partnerships to exchange information to combat match manipulation and keep the game fair. Most operators in Brazil work with our data”, he highlighted.

Among the strategic partnerships, the collaboration with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) stands out. “We have a very strong partnership with the CBF for integrity. We are committed to the country,” he stated.

The company also has a relevant partnership with Conmebol, being the official data and streaming provider for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana.

Furthermore, the group is focused on creating more attractive and statistical products, including live results and specific betting markets for popular tournaments, such as the Copa América and Euro 2024.

“Currently, we are focused on what we call the player market. For example, a player from Uruguay, Darwin Nunez, how many goals he will score in the World Cup or in a specific game. This is very attractive for the bettor”, said the representative .

AI and data collection

Furthermore, Mateo Lenoble explained how data collection is carried out at sporting events. “Everything that is live we have a person who is following the match, usually in the stadium, and collecting the data in real time.

This data is sent to different Sportradar offices and operators can create quotes based on this information that is happening in the match”, he explained.

Finally, the executive highlighted that the group is obtaining good results with the use of AI. “We invest in algorithms and artificial intelligence, as well-used AI greatly improves the user experience,” he concluded.