Genius Sports é membro da IBIA
Imagem: Genius Sports / Divulgação

Genius Sports and the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) have agreed to global information sharing on sports betting integrity and a broader partnership against match-fixing.

The agreement establishes a powerful alliance that brings together one of the largest sports technology companies in the world, Genius Sports, and IBIA. This is the largest sports betting integrity monitoring body for customer accounts in the world.

Genius Sports is a global reference in sports betting

Under the terms of the agreement, Genius Sports and IBIA will share information related to suspicious betting activity from their respective monitoring and intelligence platforms within agreed parameters.

Access to certain technological resources and integrity reports will also be included in the contract, with the potential for collaboration on broader anti-match-fixing activities around the world.

Genius Sports will also become an associate member of IBIA.

Simon Martyn, Director of Integrity and Enforcement at Genius Sports, spoke out. “Cooperation and information sharing are vital pillars to protect the global sports industry from the threats of match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

Therefore, our partnership with IBIA will provide us and our partners with greater transparency about global betting patterns. It will help identify, manage and prevent any threats to integrity.”

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, said: “I am delighted that we have reached this important agreement with Genius Sports. It brings together two leading global players in sports technology and betting integrity environments, with a clear focus on protecting sporting events against betting-related corruption.

The addition of Genius Sports as an associate member of IBIA is particularly welcome. His breadth of sports relationships and integrity in North and South America will help IBIA’s operational expansion in these regions.”

Genius Sports is the trusted integrity partner for more than 150 sports leagues and federations around the world, including the NFL, Premier League, PGA TOUR and DFB.

It provides sports with comprehensive integrity services, including 24/7 betting monitoring and reporting.

Who is IBIA

IBIA is a non-profit body for operators to protect regulated markets against match-fixing. Represents more than 50 of the world’s leading betting companies, operating more than 125 sports betting brands.

IBIA members generate more than $300 billion in annual betting revenue, representing approximately 50% of the global commercial regulated land-based and online sports betting sector, and more than 50% online alone.

Today, IBIA’s global monitoring network is a highly effective anti-corruption tool, detecting and reporting suspicious activity in regulated betting markets. Through the monitoring network it is possible to track transactional activities linked to individual customer accounts.

Thus, the Q1 2024 report detailed 56 alerts during the quarter. In this way, IBIA’s warnings contributed to the investigations and subsequent successful sanctions of 21 clubs, players and officials in 2023.