CBF dá explicações sobre o VAR
Imagem: Agência Senado / Geraldo Magela

Wilson Seneme, president of the Arbitration Commission of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), took an innovative initiative during the CPI on Game Manipulation and Sports Betting in the Senate.

He set up a ‘VAR studio’, which is a replica of the video referee (VAR) space, with seven monitors. In other words, the idea was to truly simulate the VAR environment for senators Jorge Kajuru and Carlos Portinho.

The intention was precisely to provide a clearer view of how the system works.

CBF reveals how VAR works

The main objective of setting up this space was to clarify how VAR works in practice, going beyond the information that is made public during football matches.

This becomes especially relevant at a time when sports betting is in focus, and transparency in football becomes even more crucial.

During his testimony, Seneme also addressed the accusations made by John Textor, majority shareholder of Botafogo. Textor pointed out alleged manipulations in Brazilian Championship games, a serious allegation that Seneme categorically refuted.

He stated: “I give him a 0% chance. With the experience I have, I have not seen or identified any action that could give the slightest reference and turn it into some type of result manipulation.

Arbitration errors occur. But turning an arbitration error into a complaint for result manipulation, in my view, is an irresponsible action.”

Seneme was heard at the CPI on Gambling and Sports Betting Manipulation in the Senate last week. Senator Jorge Kajuru chairs the commission that I have already heard from other members of the CBF.

The importance of VAR

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has a significant impact on the outcome of matches. It was developed to assist referees in making crucial decisions, such as: contested goals, penalties, red cards and player identification errors.

Therefore, with the help of VAR, decisions on the field are more accurate. And this can directly affect the results of the clashes and, consequently, the outcome of the bets.

Furthermore, VAR has contributed to reducing human errors, such as plays that the referee did not see due to an unfavorable position, making decisions fairer. Remembering that the CBF publishes the sections with VAR interference in the matches.